3 Things Everyone Knows About Best Smart LED TV That You Don’t

Exceeding the expectations, the Tokyo Olympics Games were the most technologically advanced in history, keeping in line with Japan’s long-running fascination with consumer electronics. Especially after successfully providing comprehensive tech support to the Summer Olympics in Tokyo; the expectations from the company have increased a lot. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from Best Smart TV in 2022:

TV Future beyond Plasma: The Recap

Way back in 2013, when Panasonic announced that they were discontinuing the Plasma series, the TV market was shocked at their announcement. But Panasonic believed that Plasma had no future and you had to make way for new technologies. Looking at the calibre of the top engineers in the company, Panasonic was confident that it could focus on LCD through its R&D efforts to bring significant changes. Now in 2022, the array of decisions made by Panasonic makes complete sense.

Professional Edition’ OLED TVs: Budget-Friendly option

Panasonic has now brought the best quality picture to their 1500-series (JZ1500) Panasonic TVs. This is great news for those who already have an audio system and don’t wish to shell out a premium for the JZ2000 series models. The 55-inch and 65-inch JZ1500 models are about to get upgraded; however, the new 48 inches model will keep coming under the standard, non-Professional Edition segment.

Panasonic’s Professional Edition OLED panels are way punchier, brighter and more vibrant, offering even superior HDR performance compared to the conventional OLED panels. In 2022, TV will be the only manufacturer to use this excellent grade panel in more than one range, undercutting other brands’ top of the line models.

New HCX Pro AI Chipset

In terms of the processing power, the entire range of Panasonic’s OLED TVs, as well as the most powerful LCD models, have been given a huge upgrade by introducing the latest HCX Pro AI chipset. It has the Auto AI mode that can determine the type of content that is being played and adjust the image accordingly. You’ll still be able to make adjustments manually, but when you set the TV in Auto AI mode, it will automatically squeeze the best quality from everything it plays, from films to games and sports. The most expensive JZ2000 can also benefit from the Auto AI sound quality adjustments.

The JX850 LCD, in contrast, is equipped with a brand-new HCX AI Processor; you might have noticed the absence of the word “Pro” in the name, while the JX800 is equipped with the previous year’s regular HCX processor.

Improved gaming performance and features

Gaming is typically an area of less importance for Panasonic than other brands, but Panasonic intends to change that in 2022. Most of the latest Panasonic TV models come equipped with an HCX Pro AI processor to support a low-latency input option known as Game Mode Extreme. Panasonic promises that input lag will be one of the lowest among their competitors; they backed their claim by demonstrating an impressively low lag time of 14.4ms.

The entire range, with the exception of those with the JX850 and JX800, has four HDMI ports, two of which include HDMI 2. Play real slot games for free casinodulacleamy.com and real money. 1 (though one of them is also an eARC) with additional specifications like the HFR (aka 4K@120Hz), AMD FreeSync Premium and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) on top of Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) that Panasonic’s models already come with.

Now you are aware of some of the crucial and exciting things you can expect from the upcoming Panasonic TVs that can enhance your content viewing experience. But, we saved the best for the last. Panasonic has supported both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ in the past. Now, the manufacturer is offering HDR10+ adaptive to its 2022 lineup.

Similar to Dolby Vision IQ, the format can adjust HDR10+ image characteristics according to both the metadata for the source material and the present lighting conditions in the area. This new development makes Panasonic the first manufacturer to produce TVs that include the innovative combination of Dolby Vision IQ and built-in HDR10+ Adaptive feature.

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