And now, here are my graphics prom page 138 and 140, hope you like it ;)

And now, here are my graphics prom page 138 and 140, hope you like it ๐Ÿ˜‰

yepsi i can not see it too.Valeria i really enjoy your essay. you are a romantic person. like a i am. Maaaaaricruz your essay is very long but it is very interesting.

really? but i don’t see an option where to upload it ๐Ÿ™ Did you send it by hotmail or something?

Genius: Alan Turing Alan Turing is considered a genius in the whole world because, he founded the first computer by traying to figure out the enigma machine codes, which were used to make attacks on the Second World War

so.. i should send the link of the photo i took with my cell phone? how do i do that? sorry. I’m a little confused

hi Lleny, well..i created an account in Scribd, and upload my word file where is the picture of the diagram, and then i copied the link here in the comments, the thing is that is not a direct link, so i’m gonna try to do it again

This is the link of my essay where you can see it

I did it using muy gmail account .. I used my drive to upload my file, then I copied the link ๐Ÿ˜€

Hi everybody; i want to share you my second writing and i hope you like it AN OBSTACLE THAT I HAD TO OVERCOME WITH DIFFICULTY IN MY LIFEWhen i was 16 years old, i had to choose one career about math in a public university but it was very difficult and confused for me because i didn’t know how to apply to the university and my parents didn’t have enough money. It was an obstacle but my expectations and inquisitiveness was too high that helped me to never give up my dreams. Finally I found my vocation because i enjoy resolving different kind of math problems and now I’m studying at SAN MARCOS university. I really feel happy because i know that i will never stop doing what i like. In conclusion i consider that your happiness is in your hands, you have to work a lot in what you want because nobody said it was easy and if you never try, you will never know.

I felt identified with you, the same happened to me, I really liked your story which transmit a good message to inspire others.

Nice story. I also had the same problem some years ago .. and this is my last year at San ily is so proud of how you are pursuing your dream! .. this’s just the beginning ..

wow, it’s good to know you found your true calling, and most importantly, you never gave up on your goal. Keep it up girl!

Ohhhh Sandy ๐Ÿ™‚ . I’m glad to hear that. Yes, It’s true that my parents are proud of me and I am very happy to study in San Marcos because I know it is my first step to have a successful life.

Hello everybody, this is MY writing #1 I hope you like it and could comment it. He lived in Londres, where he had to study mathematics at university to work and achieve expertise. He must have been persistent because it took to him two years to decode what were the meaning of the codes. It benefited more than 2 million of people so that they would not die, so we could say thank you Alan for never giving up and become a genius. Also you can see the movie Enigma codes which is so interesting and really dramatic to understand better the life of Alan Turing.

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