Basic concepts of valves and types

We find pipelines all around us that effectively carry large quantities of water and gas (collectively called water). But they need the board to decide the value of the flow and initiate and stop the flow to work properly. This is where the valve comes into the picture and is the regulating organ that controls the flow and acts as a switch to start and stop the flow.

A valve is a mechanical device that completely or partially closes water and gas pipe or duct to control flow as needed. In our lives we come across many valves on a daily basis, but we may never notice them. The valve that opens and closes to control the flow of water is a valve. The regulator used to control the flow of gas through the gas line is also a Anix USA There is also a gas check valve on our stove. This valve is not just a man-made product but it is found naturally and also in our body. Our heart has valves that help keep the blood flowing through the body.

Valves are made of plastic or metal and can be controlled by handles

 Levers, pedals and wheels or can be controlled automatically. Generally, the outer part is metal or plastic and is called the seat and the inner part usually has plastic and rubber valves to stop the flow. The body is the inner part of the valve that fits into the seat and controls the flow by partially or completely closing it depending on the flow requirements.

Ball valves are usually quarter-

turn valves (when we turn the lever 90 degrees to start or stop the flow) and we use hollow, perforated, rotary balls, and also called floating balls. The flow of water is accomplished through this valve. When the lever or handle is turned 90 degrees, the ball hole aligns with the opening of the pipe and the start of the water. When the lever is turned 90 degrees again, the hole rotates and the ball seals the opening of the pipe, preventing the flow of water.

There are various types of ball valves commonly used in different industries according to their design, size and pressure handling ability. Full port, reduced port, cavity filling, V port, turn-on ball valve and multiport valve are common.

Full port valves are used when free fluid flow is required.

 This valve has a very large ball with a large bore to allow large amounts of flow. But if there are high pressure requirements in the flow, a lowered port valve is preferred. A common example is a car wash hose head. If we need pressure in the flow of water, this type of valve is used. Turn-on ball valves have discs or anchors in the upper and lower part of the valve are generally suitable when there are large and high pressure flow requirements.

Valves have played a major role in transporting fluids in various industries such as petroleum and petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries and are also an important part of many types of machinery.

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