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Skills To Lookout for When Hiring Accountants 0

Skills To Lookout for When Hiring Accountants

Assessing the accounting skills of potential candidates from your talent pool can be a daunting task. Traditionally, recruiters only consider the resumes and educational qualifications of the applicants. But studies have shown that more...

Best Laptop For College 0

Best Laptop For College

Gone are the days when a PC was a possibility for an undergrad. All undergrads would concur: picking the correct PC is an important choice. Undergrads realize a PC isn’t only an apparatus to...

first electric bike with ai 0

First Electric Bike with AI

Good news for all BIKE LOVERS because Revolt Intellicorp, (the company founded by co founder of Micromax Rahul Sharma) has launched first electric bike with AI (artificial intelligence) in INDIA. So here on visualsolutionsonine I am...