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Communication on sport

It is important to know what sport communication is and how it is promoted in order to understand its dynamics. 

What is sport communication?

Sports communication includes all techniques that focus on transferring information about the playing field from a sender to a receiver. This communication can be immediate or delayed, depending on the context.

It should be noted that it is technically possible to communicate about any sport. Now we must not forget that football has become the main reference point in Spain. There are different formats thanks to the development of new technologies. It should be noted that 스포츠중계 communication has certain peculiarities, such as an emphasis on emotional aspects and, depending on preferences, a greater bias on the part of the communicators.

It is good to distinguish between the different forms of sport communication. First of all, the direct communication of an event. Secondly, the communication of opinions.

Communication of a live event

The communication of a live event is the live transmission of it. It can be broadcast via radio, television, streaming or social media messages. Broadcasters need a range of resources to facilitate the project, from speakers and photographers to filmmakers and cameras. Today, broadcasts can be international thanks to social networks and the power of television. This aspect has led to a change in some standards for broadcasting.

It is obvious that the qualities that must be present differ depending on the medium used. Broadcasts on audio or television require an emotion that conveys what is happening and captures the audience. On the other hand, a broadcast on Twitter or through an online written medium must primarily be clear and precise.

As such, it is vital to know who you are addressing, how you are addressing them and when. It is therefore not surprising that academic training in sports journalism emphasizes these issues.

Informational communication and opinion

Opinion communication is communication that informs about events that are about to happen or have happened. The main characteristic is that opinion focuses more on analysis. In Spain, the main forms of opinion communication have been the press, radio and, in recent years, television and the Internet. These programs tend to be more specific. The aim is usually to broadcast and communicate, but from a specific point of view.

Spain is probably one of the countries that has given the most views to sports journalists and programs. Although audience fragmentation and the development of new platforms play a role, there are still three important aspects. First, sports analysis programs on TV after football matches. The second popular format is daily sports radio programs around midnight. Finally, we must of course talk about the power of the sports press, which has a significant impact on the social level.

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