Concert Ticketing on the Internet

concert ticketing

Concert Ticketing on the Internet

The Internet provides a wide range of alternatives for purchasing concert tickets. You can buy tickets not just in traditional venues, but also through secondary ticketing sites. Consider StubHub, Ticketmaster, Ticketor, and AttendStar. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but the right choice will be contingent on your individual preferences and financial budget. Here are some tips to help you select the ideal ticketing website. Here’s a brief description of the various options available.


StubHub is a platform that sells concert tickets along with tickets to various other events. You can search through tickets to find the best seats for you , based on the artist, date, team or the date. They can narrow their options by using the search box or text search. Then, they can purchase tickets on the internet without having to communicate with the purchaser. You can also search for tickets that come with extra amenities, such as floor seating or reserved seating. It is all dependent on what you’re looking for.

You must register for the event before you buy tickets on StubHub. You can find the registration form on the website of StubHub. This form will ask you to input information such as the event name, location the time, date, and location. The email address you provide will be mandatory. After you have filled in your email address you can then create a new password for StubHub. This is the most straightforward method to create your own StubHub Account.

Purchasing tickets from StubHub is safe. You can buy tickets without worry thanks to StubHub’s FanProtect guarantee, which guarantees that tickets will be delivered by the time. Sellers can be confident that their products are covered by a fan protection guarantee. Furthermore, StubHub doesn’t charge sellers any listing fees. That means you can sell your tickets for the most affordable prices. You can even choose to purchase tickets on StubHub as a gift.

The StubHub refund policy is something to think about. You should know what you are getting from StubHub in the event that you purchase tickets from their website. StubHub’s customer care representatives don’t seem to be concerned whether there’s any issues however they are concerned about the quality and safety of their merchandise. In some instances customers will have to wait in line, but it’s not a major issue if they purchased tickets from another site.


In a massive class action lawsuit Ticketmaster and AXS were sued for their methods of selling tickets to concerts. These companies continue to exploit concert goers, despite their legal issues. Ticketmaster uses price gouging, Monolithic resales, and other tactics to get customers. Many concert goers need to turn to technology on the internet to secure their tickets. Online transactions could result in unintentional resales of tickets, and can in turn, artificially raise ticket prices.

To ensure that you get a ticket before others, Ticketmaster offers presale codes for select credit card holders. Certain events are restricted to those with credit cards; customers who are members of the Big Three which include Citibank, American Express, and Chase can be first to get presale tickets. Visit your Ticketmaster account to see the list of credit cards that allow presales. You’ll be eligible to buy tickets earlier if you own an AmEx Card.

Ticketmaster was required by law to obtain ticket-selling software for two years to improve its position in the market. However, Live Nation Entertainment is working on its own ticketing software but, to date, it’s had nothing to showcase. It’s unclear what the next step has in store for both companies but critics are not satisfied. It’s crucial that the ticketing industry be included in the DOJ’s plans.

Some artists, like Topspin and the Pixies have the ability to skip paying the service fee by using other methods. But Ticketmaster is the most frequently used methods for purchasing concert tickets. There LegitTicketSites are ways to improve Ticketmaster. Simple tweaks here could make a world of difference. It sells more than 130 million tickets each year. This is one of the biggest corporations in the world, so making sure that your concert isn’t the next one to be a victim is the key to ensuring that the concert-goers enjoy the best experience possible.


Ticketor is an online event-ticketing platform, which allows users to sell tickets for events of all types and dimensions. Users can also select seats from seating charts, upload photos or videos, as well as create different price levels and seating options for various events. Ticketor makes it easy for organizers to save time and provides a variety of ticketing options. In addition, if you’re the event’s organizer concert, this software will aid you with managing tickets you sell on the internet, so that you don’t need to search for hours to find numerous options.

The secure checkout method of Ticketor ensures that the buyers’ financial data is secure and secure. Ticketor is PCI compliant, and its websites are responsive right out of the box. You can also purchase tickets via your phone, without having to download any application. Coupons that are flexible are available from Ticketor including individual and time-based discounts. Ticketor allows users to mail emails to mailing lists. It also allows users to personalize their emails with details about the recipient.

The system permits administrators to set different pricing levels for tickets, including tickets for specific seats. They can also set up pricing for groups, as well as time-based tickets. If the event is accessible to those handicapped, they are able to include specific information in the event description. This allows buyers to select the best seats within their budget. Ticketor also offers a custom price for event owners. This is a fantastic alternative for those looking to sell concert tickets.

Ticketor lets you make recurring, one-time daily and single admissions. Then, all you need to do is insert the streaming code of your preferred streaming service. Ticketor will manage admission and the monetization. Payments can be made using PayPal or any other payment processor. Ticketor will make payment prior to the event. So you don’t have to be concerned about missing any of the fantastic performances.


AttendStar simplifies the task of concert organizers to manage ticket sales and the event’s logistics. As opposed to other software companies, AttendStar offers more phone assistance than its rivals. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a small band or a large concert promoter, AttendStar can help you in making the entire concert planning process a breeze. Here’s how it works. In just five steps event promoters can create their own event, modify the ticket price, and establish payment methods.

AttendStar collects information on ticket buyer behavior to help artists increase ticket sales. Utilizing data from other shows, AttendStar can match artist ticket buyers with similar events. Its tools are able to identify the greater amount of potential ticket buyers to a specific artist. By analyzing this data it is possible to target certain demographics to boost the probability of successful performances. For example Artist A could have a lower audience, but if the artist has an audience that is more diverse they is able to create more of an impact by attracting an even larger audience.

AttendStar’s system for POS combines tickets scanners with the iPhone or iPod Touch. The devices are designed specifically to scan tickets, and use an iPhone 4 case or Linea Pro case or iPhone 4. They come with an optical scanner as well as a credit card swipe. This makes it possible for organizers of events to sell tickets in any venue, even though the venue doesn’t have a physical ticket sales counter. AttendStar lets concert organizers make use of the excitement and anticipation of ticket buyers , and also promote their tickets via various social media channels.

The system is free to use it works with both the cell phone network as well as wireless Internet. Event managers have the option to lease an AttendStar system or utilize their own devices for selling tickets on the internet. AttendStar software is available online. AttendStar software is accessible online, and has backup alternatives for those not having the ability to use their own device. AttendStar is customizable and offers online training as well as backup options. It also offers many additional features and functions.


Facebook is exploring concert ticketing options for certain events. Like eBay’s StubHub, Facebook is trying to make online shopping easier for its customers. Facebook already has a buy button and a shopping option, that allow customers to browse the Facebook pages of retailers and buy products without leaving the website. It is possible that Facebook is partnering with concert discovery companies in order to sell tickets through its platform. How will Facebook’s concert ticketing feature influence sales for concert tickets?

The company has joined forces with independent promoters, artists and venues in the Bay Area. Facebook will be taking a cut of the ticket price and give all the profits to third-party companies through this direct-to-consumer partnership. Although this might sound like something that is beneficial for those who attend concerts but is mega seats reliable there’s a catch: it’s not entirely certain which way Facebook will deal with tickets. Facebook currently allows users to gain access to a handful of concert venues.

Facebook tickets to concerts could be fake. Scammers duplicate the same message over and over while pretending to be an actual concert. Many copy messages for sold-out shows. It’s easy to fall victim of the Nigerian Prince scam Be aware and adhere to these guidelines to be safe. These tips are not only helpful, but they also make it much easier to sell tickets on Facebook. It is worth considering launching your own Facebook page where you can sell tickets for your concert or another event.

Although running an event can be stressful, selling tickets on Facebook can help to cover the expenses. Facebook’s event platforms are accessible to more than 2 billion users. It makes it simple for concert-goers who want to sign up to view information and find out which people are attending the event. Additionally, you can use the Facebook concert ticketing system to help raise awareness about your event. Sign up here to create an account on a Facebook concert ticketing website.

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