Features to look for in a bulk text messaging environment

If you want to start a bulk SMS marketing campaign in Pakistan, use these criteria to decide which bulk SMS platform is right for you.

This is why you want to include bulk texting in your digital marketing strategy and look for the best service providers to use. He wonders what are the deciding criteria for choosing a bulk SMS service provider in Pakistan. You don’t have to constantly search Google or get stuck with keywords optimized by bulk SMS service providers. Use these five criteria to decide which Bulk SMS service provider in Pakistan is right for you.

  • Ease of use; Some bulk SMS portals are very difficult to use. It shouldn’t be. Ease of use and intuitive design are important goals in the development of any web or mobile application today. You don’t need to go through a month-long IT training program to learn how to navigate the Bulk SMS platform.
  • Extensive functionality; Since most SMS platforms use pre-built scripts and plugins, the functionality they offer is often limited. Some scripts define the payment gateways, user interfaces and other important features of the portal. Since most bulk SMS platform operators are not experts in web application development, they often install these scripts the way developers sell them and cannot exceed their general limits. These include SMS Portal Creator (SPC), Sendriod, etc. This is a big problem with SMS platforms that use scripts. Some platforms allow you to save contacts, create groups, schedule text messages, etc. It doesn’t even support that. When choosing which bulk SMS platform to use, choose platforms that are specifically designed. They usually come with additional features and you can always request additional features from the developer.
  • Transparent Pricing; Some SMS platforms in Pakistan claim to charge N1 per unit only to find out that it takes 3 units to send a message to MTN or Glo numbers. Don’t fall into the trap. Prefer transparent prices. The most transparent platform will always charge you naira. You can always know that N200 will send 100 sms if it charges two naira per sms, period!
  • Return Receipt and Tracking; Some branded sms portals in Pakistan do not provide return receipts. Some that offer this do not do it in real time. A good SMS platform not only delivers your message, but also gives you the ability to track the status of your text message as it is delivered. They will also tell you the exact reasons why the delivery fails.
  • Responsive Suppor ;A very important question to ask yourself is: is there dedicated phone support? Do they always return your calls? Do you have live chat integrated into your website? Are you still online? Do they answer questions on their social networks like Facebook? Support is no joke. Please review this carefully before deciding who to entrust with this important part of your work.

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