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Jacobsen Byg is your preferred main contractor

As the main contractor for your construction project, we are responsible for the professional contractors, the finances and of course the construction. This means that you as the client have a higher degree of responsibility than with a turnkey contract. For example, you must even obtain all approvals and be responsible for the project material.

After this, we take over the approved construction project, are responsible for procurement and management of professional contractors and the execution of the task until delivery. We enter into contracts with all professional contractors, and keep track of the financial framework for the main contract. We also ensure that the schedule is followed, that the work of the professional contractors is coordinated, and that the construction is completed on time and lives up to the quality standards.

What is the main contract?

When you are the hovedentreprise, you still have an overall responsibility, but you have delegated several tasks to subcontractors and builders. This way you can keep track of your entire contract and pick up any balls that may be in the air. When you are involved as a main contractor, you are responsible and must ensure that your subcontractors and professionals have their crafts done on time. It is also the job of the main contractor to select the relevant craftsmen for the construction process and make sure that they keep to the schedule.

Therefore, you must choose Jacobsen Byg a / s as the main contractor:

  • We have decades of experience as a main contractor with 100s of completed construction projects
  • We have a large and strong network of competent partners in the construction industry
  • We ALWAYS build on strong values, which you can read more about here
  • Focus on transparency in terms of finances, choice of material, working environment, etc.

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