How do I Clean a Carpet using a vacuum cleaner?

Carpets and rugs provide the warmth and comfort of your home. They are a common flooring choice for residential homes.

Cleaning and regularly maintaining carpets and rugs can ensure they look their best. There are some ways to stay clear of taking care of carpets. To better understand the best ways to take care of your carpeted flooring, We spoke with experts on the best way, and often you should vacuum your carpets, identify stains before they occur and what you should do when your carpets or carpets require intensive cleaning.

What are the things you must do to clean your carpet?

A vacuum is a vital device for cleaning carpets as accidents are bound to occur; it’s smart to have a carpet cleaning product that can remove stains. When a more thorough cleaning is needed, use a carpet cleaner that pushes a cleaner deep into the fibers and pulls it out with suction.

Gina Perry, senior merchant of cleaning services at The Home Depot, recommends the Shark Navigator because it’s a compact upright vacuum cleaner with a removable canister. The detachable canister lets users utilize the vacuum for cleaning stairs or other difficult-to-access places without difficulty.

How often do you need to clean your carpet?

The experts we spoke with thought that, at the very least, carpets and rugs must be cleaned at least once every week. The stain should be treated when they develop.

Carpets that require a deeper cleaning with a cleaning machine are recommended at least every twelve to eighteen months. People living in busy households, like those with pets or small children, might require clean carpets and rugs more often. Perry suggests deep-cleaning heavily used carpets and rugs every six months.

How do you clean your carpet spotlessly?

Most stains on carpets or rugs are eliminated with a spot-cleaning method that involves a carpet cleaner and an absorbent white towel to help pull the stains off the carpet. To learn more about removing typical stains, refer to our guide on removal methods and products.

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If you’ve spilled liquid, begin with absorbing the liquid as thoroughly of it as possible with either paper towels or cloths in preparation for treating the stain. 

How do you effectively cleanse your carpet?

If a deeper clean is required, you can use a carpet cleaner that pushes the cleaning solution into the carpet fibers and then extracts it out with suction. “If you live in a large household with children or pets, purchase a carpet cleaner can use at any time,” Perry suggests. 

Vacuuming regularly

No matter the length of the pile, regardless of the length, carpets should be thoroughly cleaned every week at a minimum. Cleaners generally come with the option of a floor nozzle that can be switched, which lets you choose between a set for hard floors and an option for carpet and the rug. If you have a deep-pile carpet, it is recommended that a carpet brush with a smooth surface is recommended since the fibers could break loose. For textile floor coverings, i.e., fitted carpets, the outcome can be enhanced using a turbo nozzle. In general, you should when vacuuming, it is best to slow and slowly uniformly move the nozzle across the floor.

If pets or children reside within your house, we suggest using an electric broom that is cordless or a handheld vacuum for an easy clean.

What to Do With a Smelly Vacuum?

Vacuum cleaners may smell when the canister or dust bag isn’t cleaned regularly. The smell can also result from sucking something sour or vacuuming the area where your dog lay.

Here are some suggestions to freshen up your vacuum

  • Beads of scent: Invest in the fresh scent of air beads and put one in your vacuum bag before vacuuming.
  • Sprinkles for DIY: You can also go DIY by adding a small amount of cinnamon or potpourri to the dust bag. You can also sprinkle directly on the surface you’re cleaning before.

These options will add a fresh aroma to your vacuum cleaner and home.

A burning smell can be a sign of just burning. There could be a problem with your electrical cord, which could put the risk of electrical shock or fire. In this case, let an electrician examine the vacuum. Please do not use it until they’ve confirmed that it is safe.


Learning how to clean a vacuum cleaner correctly can help the device perform more efficiently and extend the life of your device. Be sure to regularly inspect the filters, the bin, and the dust bag for any buildup that may be present while you’re doing it.

All your cleaning equipment is in one place before cleaning, so you’re ready for your job. This procedure takes only about 45 minutes, but it can increase your vacuum’s life for many years.

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