How the performance of athletes improves through new technologies

How can professional athletes improve their training to boost their performance? Applying the use of new technologies. Sport has changed with the 4.0 revolution and a new era is opening up both for strategies focused on breaking new records and for expanding accessibility to sporting events.

The combination of technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, edge computing or Big Data have long been opening new paths towards improving the health and competitive abilities of athletes, as well as optimizing the resources of sports facilities to make them more efficient spaces. and sustainable.

In the last edition of the Mobile World Congress,

which took place last June 2021, Telefónica presented an innovative project called “Sport 4.0”, a demo that brought together a series of real success stories and innovative solutions aimed at the world of sport. The objective of this platform is to share the fundamental idea that technology is a powerful ally to increase the visibility and impact of this key sector for society and the economy, due to its dynamic and unifying nature and the values ​​it transmits. An area that is not unrelated to the extraordinary opportunity that digital transformation offers companies and society as a whole.

Data as part of the team

Today data is almost ubiquitous. He is king on the basketball court, soccer field or badminton court. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), supported by the latest generation network, allow us to know the opponent: how he plays, what his strengths are and also his weaknesses. Data analysis makes it possible to go one step further to perfect the design of new strategies, leaving behind the mere copying of different tactics. It also contributes to the detection and training of new talent.

While in countries like the United States the sport that uses data analysis the most is baseball ,

 in Spain it could not be otherwise, the king of 해외축구 중계사이트 is still soccer. However, other disciplines such as basketball, cycling, tennis, paddle tennis and rugby are joining the use of Big Data and data analysis for decision making, both in strategies and in training. And it is that the use of other technologies such as Machine Learning opens the way to detect similarities between plays, or to find hidden patterns that can provide clues for improvement.

Trainings 4.0

As in the Connected Industry, analytics optimizes the performance of athletes and provides details and information that previously neither coaches nor athletes themselves were able to control. A clear example of a success story is the role of Telefónica as a technological partner of the Olympic champion Carolina Marín. This union implies a close collaboration between the technical team of the Spanish athlete and the teleoperator’s data unit for the use of advanced analytics in relation to competition and training data.

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