How To Make Infographics

How To Make Infographics
How To Make Infographics

Infographics – Its a name which is becoming popular day by day.So in this article I am going to tell you about infographics because if it is in trend, then you should have knowledge about it. And focus on it as it can help you anytime.So read this article till the end to know : What does Infographics mean ? What’s its use ? What’s its scope in upcoming days ? And most importantly “How to make Infographics for FREE ! ” and How to Promote Infographics on Social Media.


As the name itself suggests what actually it is.That is a graphic in which information is hidden.Few years back for studying anything, there was information in the form of text and a little amount of graphics only in books.

Purpose of Infographics

So what’s the purpose of info graphics ? Actually it is an attention seeking element. And we focus more on it and it becomes easy to understand anything.

So if we get to learn anything through graphics then even boring topics seem to be exciting. You might have seen charts, labelled diagrams, graphs, hierarchies, etc.These elements drive our attention more easily and are great for easy learning.So now this trend is getting huge popularity these days.As these infographics give more information in less time and easy to learn & understand.

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Use of Infographics

Use of Infographics
Use of Info graphics

Infographics are mostly used on social media platforms to make anything understandable easily.And if you are in any company then info graphics plays a major role. It is helpful for presentations as it is easy to explain anything easily as well as it saves time too.

What’s its scope in upcoming days ?

In upcoming days, there are huge chances that resume’s will also be made through info graphics. So that it could be represented in good way and it could be understood in one sight.

Advantages of Infographics

  1. Firstly, it is eye catching,
  2. Secondly, it makes sense soon,
  3. And it looks good.

Thus, people prefer info graphics more than plain text. So now I hope you are clear that what’s its scope.Now, let me tell you how to make career with info graphics.

Career Options

As the trend of infographics has been started.So obviously all the big companies will prefer hiring employs having info graphics skills.

Most importantly, only those can join the field of info-graphics who have creative minds.That is one who is able think anything in different angles, who can create any design in any way and make it easily understandable.

There are huge chances of career in this.So if you want to work on designing related fields or you love designing then I suggest you to start practicing such tools used to create info graphics from now.

How To Make Infographics ?

Now after knowing what is infographics and what’s its scope. Now you might be thinking to learn :

  • “How to make Infographics ?”,
  • “What softwares are required ?”
  • “What skills are required ?”

So don’t worry I have covered this all in this article.Here I have listed here 3-4 softwares among which some are paid and some are completely free.

Firstly, I would like to tell you that info graphics can be made easily in the vector art form. And if you know vector art than it will be very easy for you to work on info graphics. Now let me introduce with these softwares.But before that, let me remind you that if you want to join this field, then you should have a creative mind. So that you can create or represent something new and unique.Now without wasting much time, let me introduce with those softwares one by one.

Softwares to make Infographics

PhotoADKing – FREE

You can create your own design using Infographic Maker tools by PhotoADking or choose from thousands of readymade templates. The best part about PhotoADKing is they allow 10 free templates for a lifetime.


Adobe Illustrator – Paid

So, the first software in my list is a paid software and is “Adobe Illustrator” for vector art.Here’s the video to make info graphics using Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator | English | How To Make Infographics

Adobe Illustrator | Hindi | How To Make Infographics

Corel Draw – Paid

After that second one is “Corel Draw” and is paid software.And you may know that for designing logo’s, mostly Corel Draw is used. So here’s the video tutorial to make info graphics using Corel Draw.

Adobe Illustrator | Hindi | How To Make Infographics
Adobe Illustrator | Hindi | How To Make Infographics

| Softwares to make Infographics for FREE |

Inkscape – FREE

But now the software which is completely free and does all works equal to the previous two softwares is “Inkscape”.You can easily design any vector using this software. Inkscape is completely open source software on which you can make any type of basic or complex designs.It is an open source so you won’t need to pay a single penny on it. But you will have to learn how to use tools in it. So for that, I suggest you to download any vector art or graphic, import it on Inkscape and work on it.Here’s the video tutorial to make info graphics using Inkscape.

Inkscape | English | How To Make Infographics
Inkscape | Hindi | How To Make Infographics

Microsoft PowerPoint – FREE

You might be familiar with this software that is MS PowerPoint. So its an alternative for it. Though it offers less features than other softwares but you can also make info graphics using MS PowerPoint.Here’s the video tutorial :

Microsoft PowerPoint | English| How To Make Infographics
Microsoft PowerPoint | Hindi | How To Make Infographics

So I hope you are clear now that which software to use to create/make infographics or vector art.Try them all and choose whatever suits you or comforts you.And start practicing. Good Luck !

Thanks for reading !

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