How to play Powerball?

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Both games offer an extra ticket option.

 In Mega Millions it’s called Mealier and in Powerball it’s called Power Play. Mealier multiplies winnings by a number drawn (does not apply to the main prize). Power Play provides a fixed bonus for each prize category (except for the jackpot).

Powerball currently holds the world record for the largest jackpot ever won, totaling $1.6 billion. However, at $1.54 billion, Mega Millions is hot on their heels.

Power Play is an additional option that goes beyond filling out the lottery ticket.

 It was introduced in 2001 and makes it possible to increase the chances of playing 파워볼 전용사이트 and multiply the winnings. In addition to the conventional lottery numbers, a specific power play factor is drawn. The latter determines whether the amount of the win doubles, triples, quadruples or even quintuple. However, the power play does not affect the main prize. This means that the jackpot cannot be multiplied with it.

The multiplication by Power Play only takes effect from the second prize level. Another rule states that the highest multiplier is only applied if the jackpot does not exceed $150 million. In addition, it only affects grades three to nine.

Going for the Power Play option can be very rewarding.

Because in the second prize category there is a chance of receiving two million dollars even without power play. With the additional option, it quickly becomes four, six or more million!

What were the biggest US Lotto jackpots?

The jackpots of the US lotteries are among the most spectacular in the world. Powerball still holds the record jackpot. In January 2016, around 1.6 billion dollars went to winners from different US states. In this case, three tickets led to billions in proceeds.

The next biggest jackpot in lottery history was won in 2013.

 It comprised almost 600 million US dollars. American Gloria Mackenzie, now in his 80s, did the impossible – a quick pick she completed at a Florida store scooped the Mega Pot. There were no additional winners!

Other record-breaking proceeds were recorded in the same year. On August 7th, 2013, a jackpot of US$450 million was awarded to 18 players. Such a high number of winners is far from usual, but for a simple reason. Once again it was three tickets that led to the pot. One of them belonged to a syndicate with 16 participants.

With such high proceeds, enormous tax sums are incurred in the USA, which of course are also deducted from foreign players. So if you play Powerball or a similar lottery, you should always be aware that if you win the main prize alone, you will end up with significantly less than the advertised jackpot in your own account. With such sums, however, it is always worth playing. Even if a few million are finally deducted, the result is always enough to lead a life without money worries.

Our conclusion on the Powerball Lotto

Powerball is one of the world’s largest and most popular – because most rewarding – lotteries.

Mega jackpots are regularly paid out, which often go beyond 500 million US dollars.

Participation in the game is also possible without any problems for German lottery fans via international online portals.

  • The price per ticket is slightly higher than other lotteries.
  • The chances of winning are a bit lower in comparison.

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