How To Promote An Unforgettable Experience To Your Users To Retain Them

Interactive content is a type of content that requires the user to take some action, bringing the advantages of generating more engagement and producing relevant data for the Sales departments. Some examples of interactive content are: quizzes, calculators and interactive videos.

We are talking about interactive content, a powerful resource that provides a unique experience to users and efficiently retains their attention.

It is already a trend for people to search not only for quality content, but also for materials that add differentiated value.

To meet these expectations, you must produce content that builds a connection with your audience and captures their attention enough to drive an interaction or get them to take an action.

Here the interactive content is present. Learn more about this resource in this article.

What is interactive content?

As its name implies, interactive content is an innovative way to generate engagement through creative content that encourages user interaction.

This type of content allows for more impactful experiences through attractive and optimized visual elements to provide valuable information to the reader, boost engagement and conversion.

The main characteristic that defines interactive content is the need for an action by the user, such as clicking, dragging the mouse or some other type of command.

What types of interactive content exist?

The range of interactive content is quite large and, surely, you have already come across some of them on the Internet at some point during your browsing.

Know the main types:

Interactive videos

360º interaction videos or those that require a command from the user are some of them. You can see an example in the interaction video clip of the song Ink by Coldplay.

These interactive audiovisual materials also allow the user to choose different versions of the story presented, in a device similar to the one made famous by the movie Bandersnatch.


Quizzes are similar to quizzes, but they generally feature more serious language and deeper content. The intention is not only to entertain, but to help the consumer in his journey as a customer, giving him a favorable shopping experience.

At the beginning of your consumption journey, the questionnaire can help you identify your needs. In the final part of the day, the material can help you by showing which solution you should adopt to solve your problem.

That way you can also collect data from this consumer to know what stage of the conversion funnel they are in and what Marketing and Sales approach you should put into practice.

This questionnaire, for example, helps companies identify their needs in the area of ​​contract management, with six strategic questions.

By closing their interaction with the form, the user provides their data to receive the results and recommendations of the company.

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