How to start a cleaning company

Have you considered setting up a cleaning company and starting a business venture? In this guide we are going to tell you what are the main requirements to create a cleaning company in Spain.

As in any newly created company, you will need to make an investment, as well as get the first clients and have a broad vision of the sector. All this will allow you to face challenges successfully.

Mainly, there are two keys to achieving discreet sustained profitability in exchange for a small investment in a cleaning company: the specialization and management of the workforce.

The cleaning sector is a mature and established sector , but with constant and growing demand .

In recent years, cleaning services have been outsourced more within companies, public bodies and individuals. This has made it a business opportunity to create a cleaning company and operate in this sector.

The cleaning sector includes cleaning at home, in shops, in clinics and hospitals, in offices, in restaurants and hotels, in schools and public bodies, etc. The importance Rengøring Erhverv, pest control services and means of transportation should also be highlighted.

It is a sector on the rise, with average competition, and its future is assured for two very basic reasons: image and hygiene. Naturally, all living spaces need to be clean and hygienic, and a large part of these spaces have windows, facades, monuments, floors, upholstery, ceilings, gardens…

At Cronoshare we have collaborating cleaning companies.

 Regardless of the location of your business, we receive hundreds of quote requests for cleaning companies.

For example, if a client lives in Madrid, he can request quotes from cleaning companies in Madrid and up to four companies in his area will contact him, without obligation.

Back to the start

What business opportunities are there in cleaning?

When the goal is to set up a cleaning business, it is possible to highlight 3 very clear opportunities.

General and multi-service cleaning

Many companies are dedicated to cleaning private homes, commercial premises or other types of buildings and facilities that do not require special care .

On the other hand, it is an obvious fact that more and more companies outsource cleaning services. And in many cases there is a centralization of the cleaning and maintenance of the property in a single company.

Therefore, creating a cleaning company that also offers other services can be profitable, because it means the possibility of having larger clients.


Without a doubt, today specializing in cleaning is basic when you want to stand out from the rest of the companies. In fact, in many cases, when you want to compete on equal terms with already established companies and with clients, specialization is a requirement.

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