How to track a smartphone’s location without installing software ?

Cell phone tracker app best for business
Cell phone tracker app best for business

Have you ever wanted to track your dear ones or workers’ cell phone location? Maybe you have listened much about it but it seems impossible. But you will get amazed by hearing this, that it is possible to track anyone from any corner of the world.

Remote tracking not only gives you access to the targeted device but also keeps your tracking information secret. For this, you need to go through a simple process of installation. Sometimes, it is harder for the user to install the software in a targeted person device. Or sometimes, a targeted person switches off their device GPS location. In such cases, spy software proves incredibly useful.

Among the top leading spying software’s, TheOneSpy is the wonderful cell phone tracker. It provides different ways of tracking a single device. In this article, we will get to know how a user can track location without installing software.

About TheOneSpy Spying Software

TheOneSpy has been facilitating for many years. It has introduced multiple dynamic ranges of features from time to time. Now, according to the need of time, TOS introduced an innovative feature that is Location Tracker without Installation. This feature performs many functions which enable the user to be aware of the targeted person each activity. Either its text messages, incoming or outgoing phone calls, social media account history, multimedia files, number & pattern passwords, browsing history, geo-fencing tracking, GPS location and many more.

Why and How to Track Targeted Person Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software?

Before we go to explain to you about tracking, let us first clear your questions that have just popped up in your mind. Like, why would I need to track someone? Or why do I need to track the location of someone without installing the software in their device? So, here we are discussing the common reasons due to which customers want spy software.

It has become necessary for parents to know about their kids/children’s whereabouts and be aware of their all-day activities. Parents also want to prevent their kids from digital crimes which happen by unlimited use of social media and the internet. Parents can out get the children out from where they got stuck and do not find the right direction. In short, brilliant spy software like TOS cell phone tracker enables the parents to ensure their kid’s safety.

Likewise, employers can enhance their employees’ work efficiency by evaluating their performance timely. Spy Software like TOS empowers the employer to prevent their employees from sneaking off. Also, to make sure that where the employee is instead of sitting in a meeting. In all such situations, such tracking software proves worthy.

Let us know about Tracking without Installation.

However, they are multiple methods to get secret access to the targeted device without installation. Here, we will discuss the most convenient ones that TOS provides.

If you want to spy on the iPhone, have a look at a method which will work best for you. Instead of using the old method like using the built-in feature of iPhones ‘Find My iPhone’, you will find the TOS method more useful. By using a targeted person’s Apple ID credentials, you can simply and quickly start monitoring.

Unfortunately, the above method wouldn’t work in Android phone cases. To get the exact location of the targeted device, you need to send SMS, email or call recording containing surveillance software link. The moment the targeted person will click on the link, you will get instant access to their device.

After getting remote access to the targeted device, install the software on the phone. Activate the features from the user’s cloud account. TheOneSpy will automatically start transferring the previous and current information to the online account. Then, you can not only track live location but also reach the exact location by following the track.


Now it will not be your tension how to touch and install the app in mobile if the targeted person. Don’t delay, get your desired and compatible TOS cell phone tracker. Follow the secret installing process and start monitoring. You will find it’s worth it when you will get the authentic and genuine result on time.

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