How To Watch Domestic Sports Broadcasts And Various Real-Time TV Overseas

Sometimes when I think of the time when I was living in America, I fall into memories. Living in the United States and living in a foreign country is not easy, but it is still worth living in all places where people live. There were some inconveniences, but it was tolerable nonetheless. Recently, with the development of various Internet services, even this seems to have decreased. One of the things that made me uncomfortable was that I couldn’t watch the Korean commentary broadcast of sports events in real time. I wanted to watch a broadcast with Korean commentary on my favorite sporting event, such as the Ryu Hyun-jin selection match, but many restrictions prevented viewing on the Internet. It doesn’t really matter if you watch dramas or entertainment shows over time, but if you watch sports matches in real time without knowing the results, you will feel the excitement and tension and cheer up. It was possible to connect with a Korean IP using a VPN, but the overseas internet environment did not support high-speed like Korea, and the domestic VPN was also slow, so it was not possible to provide stable service. So, after trying once or twice at first, I gave up early.

How to watch domestic sports broadcasting and various real-time TV overseas

Now that the OTT market has exploded and service quality has improved, I thought that I would be able to enjoy domestic OTT services abroad, but overseas services still seem to be limited. If you still connect from overseas, only a message indicating that 해외스포츠중계 is rejected and the message that the service is not allowed in the country is displayed. As the Korean Wave is established as a culture around the world, such as BTS topped the Billboard Chart for several weeks in a row and Korean dramas are gaining popularity, I hope that overseas services like Netflix will be commercialized as soon as possible by domestic OTT service providers.

In this article, I would like to introduce a site where you can watch domestic sports broadcasts and TV programs abroad and how to watch IPTV using a pot player.

The way to watch domestic sports broadcast videos or TV in real time abroad is to use the services provided by some TV websites. If you enter a search term such as watching TV abroad in search sites such as Naver or Google, it pops up a lot. However, in the case of popular games or TV broadcasts, users must experience continuous buffering. The picture quality is also very poor, so it looks blurry. However, if you are in a situation where you have to be satisfied with the fact that you can watch it in real time, this is only appreciated.

1. Hktv25

In the midst of the recent Tokyo Olympics broadcast, Nene TV provides real-time viewing of various channels for overseas users in a situation where Korean athletes cannot miss their famous matches. I am very satisfied that there is no need to log in and I can watch the channel just by clicking on the desired channel, but there are many visual obstacles because all kinds of banner advertisements are plastered all over the site. Advertising is a disappointment. If you enlarge the screen, you can prevent advertisements from taking your attention, so it would be good to refer to them.

 Watching iptv on potplayer

The method I personally recommend is to open the IPTV address in PotPlayer. This is because advertisements are not exposed everywhere and there is no load on the system or attention. Thankfully, someone is making a playlist with a URL address as an open source and making it public. How to use is very simple. All you need to do is open the public URL address in PotPlayer. It can be used not only in PotPlayer, but also in all video player programs that provide a URL address opening function.

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