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When MP3 players first came into being, they were largely audio gadgets, with no video capabilities whatsoever. Their biggest application, as such, was listening to music. One would purchase music in MP3 format, load the music into the MP3 players, and start listening to it – in pretty much the same way we used to listen to music from the olden ‘Walkman’s.’ Today, of course, video-MP3s reign. Go to any factory making MP3s, and chances are that you will find more of the video MP3s – rather than audio MP3s coming out.

Video playing capabilities have come to be an expected feature in a high-end MP3 player today, so that if you are MP3 vendor, and you want start selling people gadgets without video playing capabilities, you are expected to state this explicitly; in much the same way as you would have to notify someone before attempting to sell them a car without upholstery. The first factor behind the emergence of video-MP3-players is consumer demand.

As it were, the last decade or so (which is also mainly the time that MP3 have been available to the masses) have been characterized by immense developments in the gadgets market. These developments have led to a situation where the gadget makers were seen as having the ability to make pretty much anything that was demanded of them – so that people came to have the idea that if they could just imagine it, then surely the gadget-making geeks could make it for them. It is against this background then, that people started asking themselves why they couldn’t get MP3 players that not only gave them sound, but also video output.

The gadget making industry, in a bid to keep up with the demand had to work to feed this need – taking into consideration, of course, the fact that feeding the need would mean more profit for them. The second factor behind the emergence of video-MP3 would be the technological developments that have taken place in the last one decade or so, which is also the duration of time during which the gadgets have been in existence. Much as they may have liked it, the makers of the early MP3-players would not have been able to cost-effectively make them with video capabilities – because the technology at the turn of the century would not have let them do so.

In the ensuing years, however, we have seen the emergence of new file formats which make it possible to make video files very light, alongside the emergence of technologies such as flash storage, which makes it possible to store thousands of such relatively light video files in a gadget the size of the average MP3 player. All these, alongside the emergence of TFT screen technology and miniaturization of the LCD screen have made it possible to come up with the video-MP3 players. The title of this brief article might sound a bit inflammatory to some of the Cow on fans! Sad to state, but this is the general trend that is occurring on a large scale these days.

Instead of investing on mp3-players that will suffice their purpose, many among us are noted to invest on the “most expensive” mp3 player around. The result is simple – despite owning the best of the technology in their hands, they are literally unaware of the potentials integrated with the product. Cow on mp3 players also include many features that are yet to be found in the conventional mp3 players.

Cow on is reputed as the primary software vendor for Jet Audio suite. The company ingeniously developed the software and the same software is offered with the mp3 players released by them (even on this date). Infect, the experience that can be attained while using a cow on mp3 player can be augmented manifold by using the player along with Jet Audio software suite. Various enhancements, that will increase the usability of the mp3 player is included natively with the said software product. In the following sections, I will illustrate the hardware aspects of cow on mp3 players.

The company specializes in the manufacture of digital audio players and portable media players. DAP and PMP products released by the company support mp3 playback. Hence, I will be including the details pertaining to both these products in the article. The portable media player from cow on is generally preferred by the present generation. One will be able to play video files along with audio files. Support for additional file formats like JPEG (for watching photos) is also present with certain cow on mp3 players. Support for most of the commonly accessed video formats like DivX and avid are, likewise, included with the products.

Cow on is noted to release two variants of mp3-players – the ones that come with integrated hard disk drives and the one that comes with solid state devices as the secondary storage medium. The models featuring hard disk drives are slightly expensive in comparison to the solid-state drives. If you are careless with the mp3 player, a hard disk-based player will be destroyed within minutes! The same is not true for solid state based mp3 players from cow on. Support for subtitles while watching movies is natively included with the products.

Another feature that has been mastered by the company is the exceptional battery backup time of the mp3 players. These mp3-players feature extended battery backup time that will aid you to listen to the songs continuously for hours at an end. This will prove to be beneficial for those who stay away from the power plugs for extended durations. Beautiful visualization effects are, likewise, incorporated with some cow on mp3 players! It is a pleasure to see these visualizations moving in accordance with the beat of the music. There are many online vendors who specialize in selling cow on mp3 players – invest on genuine products and insist on a warranty card.

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