My experience of watching live bands

I want to share with you some of my experiences of seeing cover bands here in the UK. 90% of the bands I see lately are cover bands. However, there are cover groups and there are cover groups. Some are real bands, others just a duo or trio with a backing track.

Every actor is different. I’ve never seen two groups act the same way. How they are installed, what they sound like (if any), what type of equipment they have, etc. You take the picture.

Some groups only play covers of a certain genre; they are all great and danceable. Personally, I like a band that plays little at all.

The seats are done. Some are better suited to hosting groups than others.

 There are several pubs that resemble the great Trades. The kind of place where there’s hardly any place to swing your guitar. Although other places, especially social clubs, have relatively large stages and dance floors. When you’re in a group, you have to be very involved. It is not uncommon to perform regularly and play several times a week. That doesn’t even include all the exercises that are going on. True dedication!

Even if you’re in a band, you have to be polite when playing in bars and clubs. You can’t hide if you don’t perform. You are always open to the public.

Most of the bands I see, whether you like it or not

 play at a very high level. But then they must be awesome when they order a 3 figure amount for refills. It’s important to me to get the right (or half right) perspective. If I can’t see the tape, it’s useless. Even if they play too much, my ears are bleeding. I just can’t believe so many people go somewhere; not seeing the band, but talking to each other. How they communicate despite the loud music is beyond me. Maybe they learn sign language.

I have the ability to see the truth in people. This includes the body language of the performing groups. Fortunately, most groups put their heart and soul into it.

However, there is a minority that just stays. Who seems to see the show as a new exercise? Honestly, this is an insult to the public viewer. Thanks to the groups who volunteer and sometimes change their members at night to serve a suitable audience. However, the group can be very spontaneous. It’s not spontaneous when you spend more than a minute between songs thinking about what to play. It becomes reckless.

Some local bands will probably start the 10 Order.

They just looked at the name. Because when I see these groups, I don’t understand them. Another thing I noticed about the group was that they both had hat caps in their repertoire.

Don’t get me wrong, these are great songs and always popular with the crowd. But I’ve heard these songs that are almost “if, like.” It’s like I’m in the movie Groundhog Day. So here’s a short list of the songs I’ve heard most often from cover bands (in no particular order): Sweet Home Alabama.

When the bands start playing the songs above, that’s usually my signal to hit the bar. Or the men’s room. or both. If I arrive on time, the last bars of the song will play when I return. Result! I’m not a fan of rock and roll. It never happened. That doesn’t happen. Some groups specialize in playing 50/60 covers. I hate that they are always the same 50s/60s cover. During this time, only about 20  풀싸롱 were published.

Tribute band. a separate entity. Some are perfect works and every detail tries to look artistic. Others don’t care about looks and focus on performance.

The big challenge is that when a tribute

 is played by an actor with little success, an uphill battle can be expected. For example, a few years ago I saw a tribute at level 42. They usually played “Running in the Family”; probably his most famous achievement. But there were only a third of them in all, and the night was still young. So where did they go from there? There is no right answer to the slope anywhere.

It matched the meatball tribute, whose opening song was “Bat from Hell”.

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