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New system and game support

A new study published by Nielsen Sports on the health of sports support this year Covid reveals “departmental resistance”. According to Ramon Amih, “despite the disruption of the game we got in March last year, we realized that once the game started again and the competition resumed in June-July, the film continues. it has been shown that in the end, although infectious diseases have had a profound effect on our lives, the playing field is not as big as we might think last year.

Style and culture invest the most in sports support,

 “Airlines, car brands and retailers were skeptical in the summer when they unveiled their curtains and displays, but because of the huge business for many years,‘ they haven’t had much impact on support and support. compared to other brands, ”Ramon. said the Nielsen Sport report predicts the obvious change that already exists and that infectious diseases are rapidly increasing.

Payment and transfer method:

스포츠중계 financial support service will provide 16% of their investment to improve the payment and transfer process.

Sports: Estimates for financial support in the export sector are growing exponentially: from $ 347 million before Covid to $ 842 million after Covid.

Stability as a benefit: Supporters who promote support as a marketplace within the next 3-5 years will receive an additional 11%.

Actors, executives influence social factors:

 Advertising generates 63% more engagement per brand than any other ad content. 95 per cent of athletes have more than 5 million Instagram followers in 2020 who are social media contributors, generating $ 314 million in advertising revenue.

Rising video content: Video content will be the most important factor, which will increase from 42% investment in 2019 to 68% of internet content delivery by 2020.

Social Media Vs. TV Expenses: The Benefits of Social Media for the Best NBA

one could exceed the advertising value in the period 2023-2024. At the moment, the budget is evenly distributed, and from now on, there will be a reduction in the number of television broadcasts offered on social networks. Most students should combine their college education with high-level sports practice. Although a priori they may seem compatible with the system, they are not unless the situation of the students living in this situation is revealed.

. The dedication and hard work required by sports practice

For them, this means their college education has been ruined many times because they are not able to move on to other student groups. For this reason, it is necessary to define the strategies necessary to achieve harmony between the two activities, because through sports, many of the skills and abilities necessary for personal development and social interaction are promoted. public.

Exercise allows you to develop social skills, allows you to set goals, solve problems and problems, etc. Skills that are not only relevant in sports, but also in other areas of personal life.

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