Powerball in Chile: the largest lottery in the United States is now available in our country

Being able to play in the largest lottery in the United States is now possible thanks to Lottofy.com, the platform that offers you to play Powerball in Chile or anywhere in the world.

Lottery offers you to buy a ticket and collect any of the prizes that the Powerball offers. How is it done? Simply, you must go to www.Lottofy.com and enter the section to play Powerball, there you select 6 numbers and you will already be participating.

Participating in this draw from Chile is very easy and thanks to this new platform, you can be part of the Powerball USA. And who knows? Maybe take home the grand prize.

But the most important thing is that we will help you collect your prize,

just as we have already done with other lottery winners in the world.

Why play Powerball and not another local Lottery?

Simply because the prizes awarded by the 파워볼 전용사이트 are superior to the rest of the lotteries such as the Kino or the Lotto de Polla. While in a common week the Lotto delivers a total of 2,400 million pesos in a jackpot, the Powerball raffles 39,000 million pesos.

Why play Powerball at Lottery?

Since it is a transparent and easy to use service. At Lottofy you can buy your tickets and they take care of managing everything else.

If you are indecisive and   don’t know which numbers to choose, they choose. Nor should you be aware of the draw, the platform will inform you in real time if you are one of the lucky winners.How much does the Powerball distribute?

The minimum jackpot for each Powerball draw is $40 million.

If the jackpot has no winner in a week, it rolls over to the next draw. To give you an idea, 40 million dollars is equivalent to 32,912,000,000 Chilean pesos.How much is won with 3 numbers in the Powerball?

If you write down a Powerball number you only get $4 dollars, if you match two or three numbers it’s $7 dollars, and if you get to guess four numbers it’s already $100 dollars.

How does the service work?

Lottery is a simple platform where anyone can participate in Powerball, Mega millions, Euro millions and any of the largest lotteries in the world

 Using Lottery and purchasing your ticket at Lottofy.com is very simple, go to the website or application for Android and ions choose your lucky numbers.

You can pay with any payment method in Chile, since they have the most recognized, popular and reliable payment methods on the market.

You only have to take care of playing and Lottofy takes care of the rest. If you happen to be lucky and win a Powerball prize, the platform will transparently inform you how to collect your prize.

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