Psychological benefits of massage

Massages, since time immemorial, have helped patients relieve pain, improve muscles and obtain multiple physical benefits. However, the psychological aspect is becoming more and more important since the relaxation obtained is only the first in a long list of psychological benefits of massage.

Today, people seek physical and psychological relief in a massage,

there are many scientific studies that demonstrate the psychological benefits of both mental and emotional massage, and all thanks to the sense that we develop as soon as we are born: touch, throughout of our lives, human contact is a powerful source of well-being.

Scientific studies from the NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) report the proven psychological benefits of massage:

Relaxation: during manual therapy, the hands of the masseur

 Are responsible for relieving tension and relaxing the body and mind in depth thanks to muscular manipulation and contact with the skin. When we get a 마사지, the feeling we all have at the end is one of calm and tranquility. Doctors from the prestigious Mayo Clinic report the psychological benefits of massage practiced as a couple.

Decreased anxiety : Anxiety increases blood pressure and heart rate, these levels are reduced during a massage session as shown by NCCAM researchers, this institution conducts multiple studies on massage, as you can see here.

Mood improvement: the body manipulation carried

 out by the masseuse during the massage causes serotonin (the hormone of happiness) and endorphins to be released into the blood and that elevates the mood. Many doctors who treat patients with depression recommend massage as a way to relieve the negative symptoms associated with it (anxiety, stress, lack of sleep…), the University of Maryland Medical Center reports the importance of massage to relieve symptoms of depression or chronic illness (cancer or fibromyalgia), discover more about its bases Energizing effect : as they say “massage recharges the batteries” and it is proven that massages help increase concentration and mental acuity. The Sports Injuries Clinic points out that athletes who receive a massage feel how their self-esteem is strengthened and their attitude towards a competition improves.

These are just some of the psychological benefits of massage in the short term,

 in the long term the advantages increase on a physical and mental level, so it is highly recommended to receive professional massages with some frequency.

Book your massage session in Barcelona and discover for yourself the psychological benefits of massage.

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