Quality Floor Sanding In Gentofte And Copenhagen

Do it yourself floor sanding

First of all, we must say that a floor sanding is possible to perform on your own. You as a private person can definitely sand your own wooden floor if you wish. However, it does require that you keep some things in mind and we will put together some of these below:

Make sure you rent the right machines. There are plenty of machines to choose from and it can be a bit of a jungle figuring out which one to choose. Our advice is that you try to rent a machine with a good pick-up ability and that you try to find a machine that is easier to run. The latter is really the biggest problem. If you do not get used to it, it will easily be wrong. A sander weighs almost 70 kilos and it requires you to constantly move forward. If you stop – yes, it paints too much; the floor becomes uneven, ugly and uneven. This may require sanding again. Also, make sure that the room is empty of furniture and that you have removed the floorboards. It is also important that you make sure that no nail heads – for example from said plinths – protrude from the floor.

Do it yourself or a floor man in Copenhagen

The short of the long from the above, yes you can well sand the floor yourself. This is not recommended without a professional or local Gulvafslibning København.

It is very important that you know what type of floor to sand, what condition it is in and where in the home it sits (to be able to choose the right surface treatment afterwards) so that it can adapt and find the right type of machine. Of course, the roughness of the sandpaper is also important. How you sand depends on the floor. A rule of thumb is to always grind in the direction of the wood; but if it e.g. is herringbone parquet or another type of pattern parquet, this is not possible.

Always use two different machines – one for the larger surfaces and another, smaller, along the edges.

Your local floor man in Copenhagen knows the right surface treatment – Phase 1

Choose the right surface treatment. Make sure you know the difference between the different surface treatments available. You can expect the work to take about twice as long as if you choose to hire us. We certainly believe there is a value in letting us take care of your floor sanding. You get a better result, it happens faster and it is affordable. He may want the following approach: The first step is the preparation and sanding of the floor. He will probably also look at the temperature, ventilation and humidity in the room – this is very important in terms of the finished result. The floor sanding that takes place is done according to all the rules of art and according to what the floor looks like. if it is a softer wooden floor – birch or pine floor, we use a certain type of sandpaper. If it is a solid wood floor, for example oak, a coarser paper is used. For example, the herringbone parquet is sanded in a special way, where you work diagonally – and with three sanding.

Level 2

The second phase is perhaps the most important, and here it is important to choose surface treatment. Here, as a customer, you have a great responsibility and a few different choices to make. This is partly about what kind of surface treatment you want – do you want colors and shades on your floor, do you want more heat or do you want a durable floor that does not require as much maintenance? – And here a floor mane works primarily with oil, hard wax and varnish, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. If you ask us what surface treatment we would recommend, we will first of all see what it is all about. Floor material on one side – where it is located is just as important.

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