Safety in sports and physical exercise

Did you know that playing tennis with a poorly strung racket while wearing worn-out shoes can increase your risk of injury almost as much as playing football without shoulder pads? Wearing the wrong equipment, in poor condition, or the wrong size is one of the leading causes of sports injuries.

The key is in the helmet

The equipment you wear for sports and other activities is essential to prevent possible injuries.

Let’s start with helmets – they’re important for sports like football, hockey , baseball, softball , bicycling, skateboarding, in-line skating, skiing, and snowboarding (or snowboarding ), to name a few. .

Always wear a helmet suitable for the sport you are practicing.

When choosing a cycling helmet, check to see if it has a label that says it meets safety requirements set by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a federal agency regulator that sets safety requirements for cycling helmets and other types of nba중계 equipment.

If you use a multipurpose helmet for different sports, such as inline skating and skateboarding, it will not be safe for cycling unless it bears the CPSC label or sticker.

The helmet should be worn snugly on your head, while being comfortable in it, and it should not tilt forward or backward.

eye protection

Eye protection is also mandatory in many sports:

Most eye protection equipment is made from a plastic called polycarbonate, which has been specially tested for use in sports.

Face masks, visors, or polycarbonate shields that attach to the helmet are worn in sports such as football, ice hockey, and softball and baseball when batting.

Goggles are commonly used in football, basketball, racquet sports, snowboarding, hockey, and baseball and softball when not batting.

If you wear glasses, you’ll probably need polycarbonate goggles; don’t wear your usual goggles when you’re on the track or on the field of play.

Eye protectors must fit securely and have padding over the brows and over the nose.

More basic equipment

Mouth guards can protect your mouth, teeth, and tongue:

You should wear a mouth guard if you play contact sports or other sports where you risk head injury, such as football, basketball, hockey , volleyball, martial arts, boxing, and wrestling.

Your dentist can fit your mouth guard or you can buy one at a sporting goods store.

If you wear an orthodontic retainer, always remove it when you go to exercise or play sports.

Wrist guards , knee pads , and elbow pads are also important pieces of equipment:

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