Sandy are a-thrill seeker which enjoys tall sporting events and you will karate

Sandy are a-thrill seeker which enjoys tall sporting events and you will karate

Sandra [1] Jennifer [2] Olivia [3] “Sandy” Face [4] (produced November 17 [5] ) is among the ten main characters about SpongeBob SquarePants operation. [6] She’s a western squirrel on the facial skin which wears an excellent diving match and you will lives in an air-filled glass treedome to survive under water. The woman is voiced of the Carolyn Lawrence.

Which have are from the condition of Tx, this lady has a southern drawl and you can a love for rodeos. She performs once the a researcher and you may founded each other this lady treedome and sky match herself. The woman is plus a member of the fresh Girl Pals also Karen, Mrs. Puff, and you may Pearl.


Exotic comes from the state of Tx, identified on the bout of a similar title, and you may showcases many characteristics off an excellent cowgirl profile. She talks having much South feature and spends regular Southern area slang phrases and words, such as “Howdy” and you may “Y’all.”

Sandy is really partial to their homeland and its own people, as most somewhat seen in the latest episode “Texas,” in which she is homesick and you can takes into account making Bikini Base so you’re able to return to Colorado. In that same occurrence, she requires great crime on SpongeBob and you may Patrick’s bad insults in the Tx and you will violently periods her or him when they always generate enjoyable of it.

Including Plankton and you will Karen, Sandy the most smart and levelheaded emails to the the new tell you. She is a multi-talented researcher and you will originator and you will to start with came to Bikini Bottom to analysis ocean pets in addition to their life-style. During the “Chimps Ahoy,” it’s indicated that she’s utilized by a threesome of chimpanzees regarding the surface, entitled Teacher Percy, Dr. Marmalade and you will Lord Reginald. Given that a creator, Exotic can perform undertaking really advanced gizmos easily. The girl developments is an effective manned spaceship, a teleporter, good submarine that may compress so you’re able to microscopic proportions and you will wade to the a person’s looks, a robot for the “What ever Took place to SpongeBob?,” plus an excellent Protogenerator 2000 cloning unit since the present in “Overbooked.”

Exotic is even really athletic and you may toned. She and you can SpongeBob share a prominent interest out-of Karate, and often struggle each other just for enjoyable.

The latest Karate they use appears to be stylized to complement one away from “Play Karate,” while they both mainly fight with chops and you will kicks in a cartoon-such as for example style. There including seems to be other different fighting inside the the newest series, particularly when you look at the “Karate Area,” where around three almost every other fish demonstrate book martial arts, and that looks similar to stylized items out of kung fu in the place of karate.

Exotic and keeps significant sports and you can thrill-trying, and therefore SpongeBob meets the lady in on occasion, particularly from inside the “Prehibernation Month.” Sandy and contains tremendous stamina. She’s usually seen on Goo Lagoon, lifting weights which have Larry new Lobster, from whom she actually is a good friend, and other muscle seafood. For the “MuscleBob BuffPants,” she suggests SpongeBob the girl immense biceps including an intense each and every day fitness regimen. In the same episode, she victories this new 8th yearly Goo Lagoon Anchor Put race from the putting a big anchor 510 meters.

In various almost every other episodes, such as for instance “Karate Island,” “Christmas time Just who?,” and you can “Whelk Attack,” Exotic constantly sometimes briefly, but prominently, screen the woman toned body.


Exotic is actually mostly viewed putting on her suit having clean air when this woman is beyond the girl treedome. The newest suit try white and has a red rectangular-shaped area having a keen acorn inside. Additionally, it have three rings to your arm, several purple rings and another blue ring-in one’s heart. The fresh new match boasts a huge mug head protection that have a purple center and you may four pink flowery petals. She plus wears graphite boots with that reddish dot on every side of them.

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