Sport manager: advertising

Advertising investment in sports entities has plummeted with the current recession. If we want to continue to be one of the options chosen by advertisers when launching their products, we must adapt our Advertising Capture Plan so that it is compatible with the needs demanded by brands.

Commercialization of products or services

We approach the reader, in a general way, to an important part of Marketing: The commercialization of products or services. Within Marketing, there are different marketing strategies, but all of them are governed by basic principles that we will break down throughout the article. Basic points to consider when we ask ourselves: How to market my product or service? (Hors jours fériés) De plus, nous portons une attention toute particulière à l’emballage de vos produits afin de les protéger correctement du transport et qu’ils vous arrivent en parfait état.

Warming up engines from the communication area of the club

The start of a new season is an opportune moment to give a boost to new initiatives by a sports club. The return from vacation constitutes one of the two main moments of the calendar in which new projects start and in which citizens pose new challenges, which is why it is necessary for a club to activate its communication resources to retain its members and gain new adhesions.

Sport betting companies

The Subcommittee on Professional 해외축구 중계사이트 has verified the existence of sports betting on the Internet, which is developed under an absolute lack of regulation, whose economic volume is increasing and which are organized and exploited by operators whose licenses are from other countries or difficult to location.

Advertising investment and sports sponsorship

Sport has managed to position itself as a communication vehicle that provides a series of added values ​​to the advertising investment of companies.

Sport habits in Spain

Sport displays its importance in many aspects. At a social level, it is related to health, education and values ​​such as solidarity or fair play. At the economic level, it influences, directly and indirectly, aspects such as the construction of infrastructures or the generation of employment, in this sense, it occupies a privileged place in the economic market, representing a percentage of GDP of 2.4%. In Spain, surveys have been carried out to find out the sports habits of citizens since 1980. In 2010, 43% of the population between 15 and 75 years of age practiced some type of physical activity, with men being more active that the women.

Specialization as a business motor: the case of the racket

Specialization as a business driver in the sports entity is due both to business parameters, with increased productivity and quality of service, and to the idiosyncrasies of sports, which in many cases have similarities between them that make them accessible to the same practitioner profile. Both the company, which better manages its knowledge, and the consumer, who receives a more qualified service, benefit from specialization. At unis port we have the best sports journalist training courses.

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