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Undoubtedly, Colombian football has become the focus of many world championships and sporting events. However, the country is also involved in cycling, boxing, tennis, skating, and more.

What is more important?

We can say that everything happened in the memory and heart of the Colombians. When it comes to sports, people get together at home, with family or friends and enjoy these events. Let’s go back in history and remember some of Colombia’s most successful athletes! Colombia is the birthplace of many of the country’s most famous athletes. The great Antonio Cervantes Reyes, better known as “Kid” Abel, was two times world champion in 1962 and 1965. Luis “Lurch” Herrera, Velma champion of Sana in 1993; The Colombian national team led by ‘El Pike’ Valderrama beat Argentina 5-0 at home.

Edgar Reentry, the only Colombian baseball player to win two World Series, made the history of the sport in 1997 with the famous “Golden Hit”. The achievements of Colombian athletes in various disciplines have become more common in recent years and these data show how sports journalism is conducted. Where can I see your favorite 스포츠중계 events?

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 Compared to other television segments, sports channels have become one of the most dynamic television niches in recent years. International players have strengthened their brand in the region and this trend is expected to continue. One of them is Claro Sports, which offers an extensive program that has allowed many spectators to enjoy unique events around the world.

Win sports with Clara

The media are changing which is why Win Sports has sports content for everyone. Colombian journalism is responsible for the animation of various programs in this chain, despite the coverage of the country’s sporting events. With this subscription channel, you can enjoy the Colombian soccer league, finals, quarter finals and baseball, skating, cycling, tennis, basketball and many other sports.

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To set up a channel 521 you can pay a subscription with your Claro TV package, so as not to miss any sporting event. Leave us your information and we will tell you more about the benefits of accessing Claro TV, the Internet and other services.

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