Teledyne Dalsa Cameras Used In The “FreeD” System For Sports Broadcasts.

Imagine a three-dimensional view that allows you to watch replays of sports broadcasts on television, from a wide variety of angles. Teledyne Dalsa together with an Israeli company specialized in three-dimensional vision, are making it possible.

Teledyne Dalsa has supplied 24 high-resolution cameras to the company Replay Technologies, to be used in the “freeD” or free dimensional system during the Sunday Night Football, of the American network NBC, in the transmission of the NFL game at the AT&T Stadium from Dallas on September 8.

Twelve cameras will be installed around each “end zone” and in the last 20 yards, also known as the “red zone”, to capture the plays in the game between the Dallas Cowboys against the New York Giants.

 “Teledyne Dalsa has also supplied the Xcelera frame grabbers, which allow the information from the cameras to be captured and transmitted to a central computer where it will be processed and manipulated” comments Neil Humphrey, manager of corporate communication at Teledyne Dalsa.

The cameras selected for the system are the Falcon2 4-megapixel and 12-megapixel cameras, and they allow high-speed image capture with high dynamic range, one of Replay’s needs, says Humphrey.

Replay Technologies is less than two years old, but its “freeD” system has already been used in the 2012 golf tournament in the US and also in the 2012 London Olympics, in gymnastic modalities.

That three-dimensional replay technology is also being used in 스포츠중계 of New York Yankees baseball games, but with lower resolution cameras. American football, on the other hand, needs higher resolution cameras due to the complexity of the plays.

Replay technology allows for a three-dimensional panoramic view, much like video games or scenes from the Matrix movie.

The “freeD” system will revolutionize the experience of following sporting events on television or other media, says Patrick Myles, vice president of business development and communication at Teledyne Dalsa.

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