The Benefits Of Relaxing Massage

Relaxation massage is a manual therapy aimed at improving human health. Its main purpose is to increase the production of endorphins in the body.

The benefits of a relaxing massage go far beyond giving your body and mind a state of deep well-being and relaxation.

Some of its benefits are:

  • They help reduce back pain and headaches.
  • They relax the muscles and help release the tension that has accumulated in them. Helps relieve head and back pain caused by tension.
  • It lowers stress levels.
  • It lowers the levels of the “cortisol” hormone, which is secreted in large quantities in stressful situations, and is suitable for deep relaxation. Therefore, it stops fatigue and pain.
  • It lowers blood pressure and improves blood circulation.

A relaxing massage also activates the circulatory system due to the high oxygen supply in the body. They lower blood pressure and promote venous return. Remember that the skin is a living organ that can be felt through the blood circulation. Therefore, the more blood circulates and the more oxygen is supplied, the better the skin.

But that’s not the only benefit.

  • Fight anxiety and depression. After the session, the person feels updated both internally and externally. Massage stimulates the secretion of the hormone “serotonin,” which plays a role in maintaining mood balance.
  • Supports the removal of toxins. As mentioned above, relaxing 안마 activates the circulatory system, which helps various organs such as the kidneys and liver, which are lymphatic organs that remove toxins accumulated in the body.
  • It relieves muscle tension and increases flexibility. Stress, anxiety, and a sedentary lifestyle can strain and hurt your muscles. Relaxing massage is the best option to relieve and prevent symptoms such as contractures and allow you to move without discomfort or complications.
  • Relieves the symptoms of PMS. By activating the circulation, inflammation in the area caused by the start of a new menstrual cycle is reduced and pain is significantly reduced.

If you want to know the benefits of a relaxing massage, come to Matown and make a reservation. It is an experience of the five senses.

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