Three Designers of Baker Furniture

Jean Louis Deniot

Jean has been one of the design team from Baker, who has an architect’s eye forged by many years of devoted work Furniture Lounge Sunderland in designing exquisite interiors and stunning furniture. His work by Deniot is indisputable.

In the past, Deniot has established himself as an industry legend because he can convey the essence of beauty in his designs by striking a balance between simple architectural forms and primary forms.

Only through collaboration with Baker, who collaborates with Baker, can Jean Louis Deniot bring his complex concepts to life. Baker’s team of highly skilled artisans creates every sketch.

It then renders it with as much trust in the original design as it can to produce pieces that be a source of joy for the designer, the artisans who created it, and ultimately your customer.

Together Deniot and Baker and the Baker team have come up with an assortment inspired by 20th-century vintage furniture that captures the changing moods within any living space by using lavish textures and hues without removing the living space from the room.

Deniot’s first collection

Deniot’s first collection in collaboration with Baker is described with one word: extravagant. Every piece resulting from this collaboration is romantic, feminine, casual, yet sophisticated. It’s neither starkly minimalist nor lavishly baroque.

Deniot’s choice of warm antique gold in the vast majority of his work means that you can create a space with a feeling of a striking elegance that makes it simple to join rooms stylishly. Living room storage furniture UK

The collection is stunningly constructed and extremely livable yet incredibly adaptable, featuring pieces for the dining room, bedroom, kitchen, and living rooms.

When you place a piece by this designer inside your home’s decor, it is a place for conversation with art and elevates it from an ordinary room into an open and inviting space.

We would recommend Jean Louis Deniot Furniture If your client likes furniture that has sensual curves and geometric symmetry as well as items that have luxurious shades and textures. Find benches, mirrors, tables, couches, shelves, and many more items in our inventory.

Laura Kirar

Laura Kirar Laura Kirar creator and creative director Laura Kirar is the founder and creative director Furniture Warehouse Sunderland of Laura Kirar Design. She is a world-renowned interior and product designer who aims to inspire people with art through encouraging creative exploration in all her designs.

Her success in this industry comes from her passion for creativity and enthusiasm for her work. After finishing her studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a degree in sculpture and architectural interiors.

Kirar worked hard to acquire the knowledge and experience to build a reputable client base through networking with other professionals in the industry.

When she started her own company, it was able to recruit a team that, under her guidance, designed elegant, modern interiors and furnishings for homes with an elegant and timeless style that shows her love for both modernism and history.

Since 1999, Kirar’s work has been featured in various popular publications, both print and online, including, but not limited to, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Interior Design, and The New York Times. Sunderland Furniture Centre

When you select a design from this designer’s catalog, you can be confident that your customer will be delighted with the product they get. Kirar has the heart of an artist.

She draws in her inspirations from travels and lets her experiences influence her work so that she can make graceful and comfortable designs that emotionally connect with your customer.

Each item from Baker furniture is designed with the user’s needs in mind. And when coupled with Kirar’s love of creativity that continues to inspire her work with uniqueness and a keen eye for the minor details, this collaboration is bound to result in awe-inspiring furniture for the home.

The various pieces of the collaboration with Baker show Kirar’s passion for travel and commitment to promoting traditional craftwork. Bedroom furniture UK

Explore our Laura Kirar furniture collection and discover everything from a unique chaise to a side chair inspired by the ocean to a stunning chest.

Thomas Pheasant

Thomas Pheasant is an award-winning interior designer. He is renowned worldwide for his expertise in interior design and the quality of his furnishings. The furniture he designs emits the luxury of a moment that can only be derived from a brain that has been dedicated to the art from the age.

When he was nine, an old Pheasant revamped his bedroom, dying his sheets and introducing new décor to the room. Their parents supported his creative side and encouraged him to follow his goals.

The dream of Pheasant was realized after a year when he established Thomas Pheasant Studios to design and sell exclusive furniture. Furniture stores Sunderland

The first collection launched in 2013, focusing on the concept of decomposition, studying the natural world through intricate design structures. In the past, the inspirations for his work have changed.

However, his love for furniture is the same. His furniture exudes contemporary elegance and a serene ambiance that designers only dream of.

The design and craftsmanship that craftsmanship of Thomas Pheasant Furniture is awe-inspiring. If you’re furnishing clients’ bedrooms, dining areas, or kitchen rooms, you are doing yourself and the client an injustice by not exploring his furniture collection with Baker.

Pheasant believes that imitation and inspiration are different. It is essential to allow your experience to become filtered by your individuality as a designer of Baker to make pieces that reflect your true essence, not be a superficial imitation of what has gone before.

This distinctive process of thinking is the basis of each piece he has created while working with Baker.

As a Baker designer, Baker has mastered the neutral palette and focuses on adding a modern twist to traditional design principles by bridging the gap between the past and the present using stunning silhouettes and unique fabric. Since the designer has designed pieces that fit into every social space within the home.

The Baker Design Team

We’d be remiss, not to mention the skilled designers at Baker who create the successful products of the company’s ranges. Baker has made significant strides from its beginnings as a small cabinet shop. Today, Baker sets the bar for top-quality furniture available in the market.

Baker is currently offering five different collections designed by a team of experts. Each piece is created based on hundreds of hours of research developed by the Baker design staff to ensure it reflects the brand’s values.

We suggest the Lexicon Collection for those looking for warm-toned hardwood pieces influenced by the Modernist movement as well as The Historical Collection to those trying to bring back a feeling of past times in the homes of their clients as well as The Stately Homes Collection to those who are looking for a vast selection of accent pieces that can be used to enhance an interior.

The Baker Originals Collection to those searching for pieces made from exclusive materials along with The Baker Luxe Collection to anyone designing a space that requires to ooze elegance.

Decor House gives you the amenities of a luxurious furniture store, but it also has an extensive selection from Baker Furniture at online only costs. Shop with us online, at the mall

Check out our assortment of Baker Furniture today. We have our entire selection of Baker Furniture on our website and specific product descriptions for every piece that the design team of Baker has created.

You can search for items by room, department, and designer to discover their entirety or use our comparator tool to assess two pieces to help determine the best furniture for your client’s space.

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