Top 10 best hair transplant clinics in Dubai

As a consequence of the increased demand for hair transplants in Dubai, numerous clinics have emerged (see more in Medical Directory ). However, they are not all the same, ranging from clinics that have reputable hair transplant experts to other low cost clinics with a dubious reputation .

That is the reason why we have decided to make a post that collects, after seeing the reviews of the patients and comparing them with the experience of the professionals, which are the best hair transplant clinics in Dubai.

The most important specialized hair transplant clinics in Dubai

10- Medical Graft

Medical Graft is one of the largest expert groups in cosmetic surgery in general and in hair transplantation in particular that exist in Dubai. There they perform dozens of state-of-the-art hair grafts every day that offer guaranteed results. The distinctive point of this group is the quantity and quality of its different hair treatments carried out by professionals specialized in trichology and hair grafts.In addition to performing grafts following the FUE technique, what distinguishes this center is the application of what they call Natural Hair Line. An exclusive technique of Medical Hair whose objective is “to ensure that the first line of hair follows the characteristic and particular drawing of each patient, achieving a natural result, absolutely imperceptible to the untrained eye”. It should be noted that they have a staff of surgeons and dermatologists from the most distinguished of the medical scene.

clinic is to speak of an eminence in the field of dermatology

 as well as an international reference figure in the most advanced Hair transplant clinic. The center, with the latest in technical and human material, is specialized in Hair Transplantation and Follicular Micro transplantation and/or Hair Transplantation.

The capillary unit of Clínica Menorca differs from the rest of the capillary clinics in the variety and tested quality of the different treatments for baldness problems, hair loss, all types of alopecia and capillary health that they have. One of the star treatments of this center is the hair transplant with Micro Capillary Graft capable of reversing irreversible baldness in a quick and painless process.

Experts in treating hair problems and performing micro grafts,

 it is one of the reference hair centers in all of Dubai, where it has clinics in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. There, each patient is evaluated by a specialist to determine the type of treatment that will be best for their specific case. Its distinctive point is the Hair Biograft that combines the graft with a treatment of intradermal injections of Platelet Rich Plasma in search of lifelong results.

IMD hair clinics is one of the largest groups on the national scene, with 13 clinics that offer hair solutions in the form of hair transplant treatments and operations for all people diagnosed with alopecia. 7 clinics in Madrid, 2 in Barcelona and others in Seville, Murcia and Toledo in which they offer hair transplant treatments, Capillary laser, Vita X Regeneration treatment, Mesotherapy, BET, hair micrograft operations, hair integration system and IMD Wigs. .

Considered throughout Europe as one of the best cosmetic

 surgery clinics on the continent, it stands out from the rest for having extensive experience, as well as qualified medical professionals and the latest technology.

One of the best options for all those looking for excellent value for money. Directed in Madrid by María Carmen Del Soto , a specialist in hair transplantation, with a highly experienced medical team, they have clinics in Turkey and also in Dubai that are synonymous with guarantees for their clients, insofar as they make use of the most innovative techniques and avant-garde treatments using new and state-of-the-art equipment.

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