Top 5 Sports Broadcasts You Need To Watch

Most sports competitions around the world have been canceled or postponed indefinitely, so we propose to recall all the best that happened to Russian teams in team sports.

Any mass event is now banned and it is not entirely clear when these restrictions will be completely lifted. Two of the biggest sporting events of this summer, which millions of people wanted to attend, the European Football Championship and the Olympic Games in Japan, have already been postponed to next year.

But after all, no one prevents us from refreshing our memory of the main successes of Russian sports. They are not necessary to watch only for fans who are already bored without their favorite 무료스포츠중계. These victories will give inexpressible positive emotions, which are now especially lacking, to any person who has retained the belief in a complete victory over any opponent, including over COVID-19.

The Netherlands – Russia – 1:3, June 21, 2008 – a football match that can rightly be called the best in the performance of the national team in the 21st century. Yes, the victory over Spain in the Luzhniki Stadium is still fresh in my memory, the insulting denouement of the match with Croatia, but it was this match that restored faith in Russian football, in its bright future. Perhaps this is the only meeting with the strongest opponent, in which the team acted from a position of strength, dominated for most of the match and did not concede to him in anything.

Canada – Russia – 4:5 OT, May 18, 2008 – another victory that happened in this successful year for us. 15 years without victories – that’s how many Russian hockey players could not win the World Championships. Opportunity presented itself on the ice of the founders of this game, which brought together one of the strongest teams at that time. Add to this a round date – this year the International Federation celebrated the 100th anniversary of hockey, a tense game, an incredible rescue towards the end from a person who was not criticized only by a dumb one and you get a stunning whirlwind of emotions, contained in only one phrase of the commentator – ” Happy ending, Hollywood couldn’t think of that.”

Russia – Brazil – 3: 2, August 12, 2012 – the penultimate set of awards played at those Olympic Games in London. A volleyball game that made thousands of people far from sports clings to TV screens. A comeback that made history. Devastatingly losing during the match 0:2 and 19:22 in the third installment (the opponent had only 3 points to win before victory), the Russian team turned the already lost game over and stunned everyone who watched it live. Having made an original move (changing the positions of the players), the head coach of the national team confirmed the validity of the famous phrase that risk is, nevertheless, a noble cause.

Norway – Russia – 37:38 2OT, August 18, 2016 – one of the most unusual sports in this collection, but this is not inferior to any previous games. A handball “valid” ball-to-ball game worthy of the final game of any tournament. It is not clear where to get emotional and physical strength for the next game, if in this one you went for broke and left everything on the court. Even if you do not know all the rules and subtleties of the game of handball, you certainly heard a gray-haired man screaming at the top of his voice, not choosing an expression when communicating with his wards girls. “King of Clubs” triumphantly returned to the highest step of the podium. PS It is better for the faint of heart not to watch time-outs performed by the head coach of the Russians.

Spain – Russia – 59:60, September 16, 2007 – the main victory in the history of Russian basketball. Beating the strongest European team, which was also the reigning world champion at that time, was possible only for the magnificent masters who gathered at that time under the banner of the national team. Tough defensive techniques, a stubborn ending, a throw in the last seconds will make you take a fresh look at this sport and experience the feeling when you defeat not only your opponents on the court, but also the fans who want you to lose.

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