Variants of traditional poker

There are different types of poker. The popularity of some of them rises or falls; based on the amount of public showing interest in the game over time . However, poker has gone viral on social networks and you can find hundreds of sites on the internet that invite you to play poker online.

Texas holdem

Texas holdem  is a standard version of the card game known as poker.

The version  without  betting limit or ( no limit ) is the one used in the main event of the World Series of Poker ( World Series of Poker  or WSOP) broadcast by the sports channel ESPN, in the World Poker Tour and televised in The TravelChannel. There are other variants such   as pot limit and  fixed limit  .

Fixed Limit is recognized as the most widespread poker variant. Usually between two and ten people play. When played between two players it is called Heads. Between three and six players it is called Short Handed or Short Table. When there are seven players or more it is known as “Full Ring” or long table.

It is one of the versions of poker that maintains the fixed betting order during all rounds.

Omaha holdem

Omaha hold’em . It is a variant of poker very similar to Texas holdem. Omaha was once played mainly in Europe. In recent times it has become well known in the United States and has gone viral in online games.

Each player receives four cards face down. He must use two of them and of the five community cards he must use three until he has a total of five cards. Whoever makes the best five-card hand is the winner.


Badougi is a type of draw poker or triple draw. Unlike the previous ones, Badougi is played with low hands. The betting system is identical to 온라인홀덤 with the difference that four cards are dealt.

At the end of each betting round. The player can keep his cards or change the four cards to form the best hand. This type of poker is believed to originate from Korea. It is played a lot in casinos and online rooms.

Seven-card stud

Seven-card stud or (seven letters) It is a variant of poker derived from stud poker. The player is dealt seven cards with the goal of making the highest hand of the seven available.

Three initial cards are dealt, two of which remain covered and one uncovered. The following are divided into three rounds until reaching seven. Each player will have three face up cards and four face up cards. Seven-card stud is played with fixed stakes.


Razz  is a variant of poker derived from Seven-card stud. The player is dealt seven cards. The goal is to get the lowest hand of the seven available. Being the best possible hand 5-4-3-2-A. Razz only supports fixed bets.

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