What can I eat a week before the road?

Just start running, what you ate last week will help you run faster and laugh until the end.

Many athletes try to follow a diet rich in complex carbohydrates before testing. That’s why they spend so many days eating pasta, rice, corn, potatoes, alcohol and other things.

But you should not fall in love too much, not only should you eat a healthy diet of carbohydrates, but you should also use lipids or fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber and more. This means that you have to follow different diets to stay healthy and you want nothing, choosing the best food for your body. What you will eat every day are fruits, vegetables and salads, and other everyday items for lunch and dinner in the second order: rice, pasta, fried fish, eggs, peas, roast meat (chicken and fat chops). There is nothing better for dessert than half-light milk.

Don’t forget to eat 4 or 5 walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts daily.

 If you are overeating, choose only hot and rich foods for each meal, for example, choose a solid protein (chicken) over lean meat, or a rich olive oil and fat better than butter or pasta. Whole grains contain complex carbohydrates, not just pasta.

Is it the fourth and fifth diet?

Yes, it is time to replenish your glycogen stores, that is, to replace D-day batteries. To do this, you need to eat at least five meals a day, and plenty of carbohydrate foods such as pasta, rice, potatoes, along with vegetables. Remember that you should eat a diet high in carbohydrates (bananas, grapes, pumpkin, apples, etc.) and choose simple ways to break down protein foods such as fried milk, boiled fish or French tortilla.

The rule should not be that every time you eat, you should eat small but frequent meals, so digestion is easy.

What are five foods?

A pasta dinner, always mixed with light soup (forget the cream and pork) is best eaten with pasta with vegetables, or 먹튀검증 with tomatoes and minced meat without cheating, or with scallops or scallops and chopped garlic. . Try to follow the rules of moderation, eat plenty of food to satiate yourself and not feel overwhelmed.

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