What Is Better A Contemporary Or Traditional Kitchen?

A homeowner would desire to make necessary upgrades to the cooking space and that is on expected lines. The kitchen space may have undergone extensive damage due to cooking activity and some upgrade work seems imminent. As you are on the verge to do renovation work in this part of the home, we would like to speak of some changes that one can have for this space. If you seek assistance from the local remodeling contractors in Santa Clarathere is scope to incorporate some of the big changes in the kitchen. Do you desire to continue with the traditional look for this space and incorporate some contemporary features in the kitchen? The presence of professional remodeling contractors by your side should allow you to implement grand changes. 

What is the difference between these two types of kitchens? This could be your instant question upon hearing this idea. It is not every day that one can plan a kitchen remodeling project therefore before making a decision; you would desire to know more. Here are the details for readers in brief.

The first difference is felt on the surface

The first difference between these two types of kitchens lies in the material of use. The material used for a traditional kitchen space has been stone and wood. This is just the reason why such spaces have a rough feel.  On the contrary, the contemporary kitchen uses completely different materials. There could be the use of metal and concrete materials that are human-made. This is where you will find a difference because the contemporary kitchen space gives out a smooth & shiny texture. 

There is a difference between colors and styles

One will find a difference in the various styles of these two kitchen themes. Let us discuss the traditional kitchen first and here for the cabinets, there will use metal and glass designs for decoration. The color selection for this space can be from cream and light pastels. The contemporary kitchen space on the contrary will have an elegant look. The color at use here will be primarily bright and sunny. 

There will be a difference in lightning 

This is another difference area for both these kitchen spaces. In a traditional kitchen space, there is the scope to be stylish with lights. The variations in lighting that you can try out here can be the lantern style or the chandlers. They work out perfectly with the stone floors in this space. However, the designs will be completely different for a contemporary kitchen space. The contractor will modernize this space with laminate floors and there can surely be different lightning themes here. The lights should be a lot brighter in this space. 

The cabinets

One will once again feel a difference while installing cabinets in the kitchen space. The traditional kitchen will have a wood-finish cabinet. On the contrary contemporary kitchen will have a steel finish cabinetwork. The contemporary kitchen space will not have open shelving and wood panel doors. This means that unless your kitchen space is big enough, one must go for traditional kitchens. The contemporary kitchen styles bring grandeur into the cooking arena, but there is a need for space to execute the design ideas. 


Here we have discussed the difference between a traditional and contemporary kitchen. You can go through the points and decide what should best suit your space. Sometimes via small changes, you can give the traditional kitchen space a contemporary look. If you can change the granite countertop to a quarts version, it should work wonders for your kitchen space. A professional kitchen remodeler will incorporate the changes and it should be smooth.

Elizabeth John

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