What is the difference between an amateur and a consumer?

First of all, a concept that you have to be very clear about is the difference between a fan and a consumer. If you don’t understand this, you can already give up the match. A consumer is a person who finds an economic and functional benefit in your product or service. The purchase decision is based on these two criteria in most cases. Once purchased, if the product meets consumer expectations, it is very likely that the consumer will have a positive image of the brand and will buy the product or service again.

This creates loyalty between the consumer and the brand.

Instead, the decisions of the fans of a team or the followers of a particular athlete are based on a completely different criterion: emotions.

Some fans of the teams have been fans since they were born, like their parents and grandparents before them. They have not chosen to follow this team in question by their own decision. It is something that is difficult to understand if you do not feel the colors of your club in your blood.

Building a fan base and not a customer base is the big difference between sports marketing and “traditional” marketing.

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Some fan features:

The fan identifies with the team or athlete he follows . This notion of identification is very strong and the person is influenced by the behavior of the team and individual players in that team, on and off the field, in particular through team and/or player social networks.

It is likely that the fan is encouraged to buy products related to the team or athlete they support for the simple fact of having a relationship with their idol: epl중계 equipment, jerseys, scarves, etc… It is a very important element to consider in your strategic process.

Follow the league or competition in which your favorite athlete plays .

The team or athlete that he supports is a social factor in his life : he spends a lot of time talking about the team, the players, their results, the signings… Wow, everything that surrounds him. Thus, we can say that the fan is a great evangelizer of the brand-club-athlete.

An industry dependent on results

The strength of the sports industry is its enormous economic potential and its very wide audience.

But not everything could be a bed of roses, right?

In sports marketing, the economic aspect can be a weak point. Investing in a club, an athlete or a sports league can be a risky bet for many brands, as sports results can be different from season to season. Of course, if you want to avoid these risks, you can invest in brands that are successful (almost) every season: Real Madrid, Barça or the Golden State Warriors, to name just a few.

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