Why Bulk SMS Marketing Helps Small Businesses

Bulk SMS can change the way your business communicates with your contacts. With 99% and 45% open rates of all text messages worldwide in the United States, you can be confident that the recipient will read and understand your message. Bulk SMS can help you get your business message to many people in a way that your standard mobile phone cannot. Read below to learn more about why bulk SMS marketing helps small businesses.

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS allows you to send bulk messages to many people at once from a single source such as SendHub. Bulk SMS is useful for both small and large businesses as it sends your message in a scalable and efficient manner. Sending an SMS from a commercial SMS platform like SendHub is considered A2P SMS (App to Person) as it is technically an online SMS application and not a private person.

As more people in the United States leave their landlines and automatically block unknown numbers on their cell phones, texting has become one of the only ways to get your work message seen. . Almost every business deals with email marketing, and customers’ inboxes are filled and ignored every day. Text messages are a way to get noticed: they’re personal, direct, and easy to read. Bulk SMS can help your business communicate in bulk via SMS.

Businesses promote offers and increase brand awareness using bulk SMS;

Big sale in sight? Two for the price of one? A special promo code? Bulk SMS allows your entire contact list to participate in exciting offers that direct them to your website or business. Distributing a coupon code or special offer times and days is a great way for your business to attract onsite and walking visitors. We all know the feeling of receiving an email about a great sale and inevitably forgetting when your inbox starts filling up. Sending SMS reminders to your contact lists the day or even an hour before the sale starts will help you retain your customers and increase their likelihood of increasing their sales.

No matter what type of bulk SMS you send, sending SMS regularly to your contacts will increase your brand awareness and reputation. With SendHub, all your text messages can have a personal signature, meaning all your group or one-on-one messages can end with your brand name. You want your customers and potential customers to be constantly reminded of what and who your brand is. It is very difficult to gain brand awareness with email and telemarketing. Text messages are personal, go straight to the recipient’s pocket, and increase the likelihood of being remembered and interacted with.

Bulk text messages can be scheduled and personalized with merge fields;

Managing a business is not easy. Especially in smaller companies, a smaller team has to wear many hats and time is running out. At SendHub, we understand that time is valuable, so scheduled messaging is one of our favorite tools. You have the ability to write multiple bulk messages and schedule them any time of the day, any day of the year! Schedule multiple posts for a single day or broadcast them over months or weeks, the possibilities are endless.

Customers want to feel special and be seen. For example, SendHub’s merge fields allow you to add a first and last name to your message so that each of your messages is specific to the recipient. Adding your contact’s name to your message is eye-catching and more likely to be read. No more “Hello” or “Hello Friend”: merge fields personalize each text message to the person receiving it. When sending bulk text in bulk, merge fields can make each text appear as if it was sent individually.

Grow your bulk text message list with text keywords to engage;

One of the best ways to grow your contact list is to link keywords from text to your SendHub number. Get your customers to subscribe to your messages by promoting your company’s special offers that subscribe to text message alerts. For example, your business can start advertising anywhere, anytime by sending the word “happiness” to their SendHub number to entice them to sign up and receive text messages about deals and offers. Special offers in text only. When customers sign up, they automatically join your group on SendHub and now help grow your contact list. This means more people and more potential revenue from bulk copies!

Compatibility is important to consider when sending text messages via A2P. Especially in connection with mass text messages, you should make sure that you have permission to send text messages to your contacts. For more information on SMS compatibility, see our article on the double opt-in method.

Almost all industries can benefit from mass text messaging;

From recruiting agencies to real estate, schools, health centers, political campaigns, restaurants, and more, countless industries have grown their businesses and greatly benefited from implementing a marketing SMS strategy through bulk text messaging. Real estate agents used mass text messages to notify all potential clients in the market for new homes. Schools and universities use mass text messages for school events or urgent text messages. Political campaigns are evolving to use mass text messages to remind voters of election times, candidate briefs, events and more.

Send your first mass text message today;

Our team of experts can help you decide which SendHub is right for you and your team’s needs! Bulk SMS can be used in different ways and we can help you determine the best strategy to grow your business. Learn more by signing up for a demo today!

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