Why is sport so important for children?

Sport is a very healthy habit that should be instilled in boys and girls from an early age , since it is in childhood that their curiosity will be aroused and they will be able to acquire a love of sport. From early childhood it is innate that babies try to grasp objects or move their hands, and doing sports activities will help them develop their psychomotor skills and improve aspects such as balance or coordination, favoring their healthy growth.

Sport transmits many values ​​that will help the little ones in everyday life.

It must be taken into account that values ​​are adaptive behaviors, that is, they are educated, they are not born, hence the importance of making an effort between teachers and parents so that children learn values ​​such as teamwork, generosity or knowing how to lose. And it is that 스포츠중계 is the perfect tool to transmit many values ​​while children have fun and that will be useful in many other facets of life: commitment, effort, perseverance and humility, among others. Did you know that intelligence and movement are related?

The most important stage of life is the one that includes the first years from birth,

that is, when we are babies or during childhood, because it is when we begin to know the world, discover our physical and psychological abilities, develop our personality and We grow in all aspects. There are studies that affirm that through sport children begin to think critically and solve their problems. For this reason, classes such as physical education or extracurricular sports activities are fundamental when it comes to developing ourselves as people, since in addition to improving our physical qualities, they promote a sense of friendship, solidarity and fair play.teaching us to respect others. Hence, the development of intelligence is related to mobility and sports, among other things.

On the other hand, boys and girls through sport can realize

 The value of things and the sacrifice and continuous effort that it entails to achieve a goal. It is recommended, therefore, that if they like a sport we encourage them to do it and we try to make them enjoy doing it. If, on the other hand, they are not enthusiastic about any sports game, we can try to show them other sports, practice one with them in our free time or play games that involve running or moving like handkerchief or simply jumping rope. All this trying to make them enjoy and have a good time, because it is the way to make it easier for them in the long run and they are the ones who want to practice some sporting activity.In what ways does sport benefit children?

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