WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship Belt

At the same time, Santino puts everything in his wallet in an attempt to win over Sheamus before grabbing an empty cheesebox. John Morrison can save Santino by kicking him in the ribs. He then follows with a potent kick at his head by Sheamus and knocks Santino from the arena. R-Truth informs Orton of the truth that he is convinced. Cena is going to rob him of the title on the pay-per-view. Orton promises to look at how Cena treats his fellow wrestlers WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship Belt tonight, and Truth is willing to become Randy’s partner.

Then, we get some dumb trash between Pee-week’s Herman and Mark Henry. Then, we get a diva twister, and the one positive aspect of this episode was the surprise appearance by Lita. The next episode will feature Zack Ryder facing off against Ezekiel Jackson in a battle where Ryder is killed in less than 45 seconds. We also see some more pee-wee Herman and, at last. I was delighted to witness Miz. It was evident that the crowd was dead as wwe belts Pee-wee performed the secret word part; in addition, Michael Cole was acting like an adoring fan when Miz, along with Alex Riley, came out.

Miz, along with Alex Riley, are mocked by Herman when they are slapped by Herman before the Big Show comes out dressed in the same way as Pee-Wee Herman is. After smashing Miz and Riley out of the arena, the general manager issues an email to inform us that the Miz will have to take on the Big Show right here and there. The hilarious part of the game was Cole was snarky about the Big Show during the beginning of the game and then made a promo for the Big Show’s film Knucklehead. The team plays a good performance wrestlemania 2022 from them.

However, we get a wild end when the Miz uses his Money in the Bank briefcase. We are given a video compilation of former guest hosts fighting the WWE as part of the Stand Up for the WWE campaign. We then have Barrett making fun of Cena by telling him that he will clean his locker and clean his back following the match. Otenga informs Barrett that he will not wash Barrett’s back after playing and raise his hand to celebrate, not Barrett’s. that’s why we see some argument within Nexus. Ted DeBiase is playing Daniel Bryan, so we see Cole talking with him verbally.

This was a good match, but it was too short. Then, Lay-Cool is always irritating before announcing that If Natalya wins over Michelle McCool, she will be wrestling belts the winner of Survivor Series. We will see Natalya winning. What a beautiful, sly divas contest was. Some bizarre stuff involves Vince McMahon being in an unconscious state only to find out that Stephanie was in a dream. It was hilarious that Vince named Daniel Bryan out of all the stars, but it wasn’t because he disliked the person, but for him to provide a boost.

The main event is at the time, and it’s the previously mentioned tag match comprised of Wade Barrett & David Otenga and Randy Orton & R-Truth. Orton is quick by launching an R.K.O. on Otenga as Cena is busy pushing Barrett to return into his corner.

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