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Eat And Run Verification

Eat-and-Go Pin is an eat-and-run community run by a veteran professional team who has been conducting food-eating verification since the Toto market started. Guarantee companies recommended by Eat-and-Go are preparing for accidents of members through the deposit system. Dozens of new Toto sites that are created every day are monitored in real time and detailed information and financial power of the site are reviewed to prevent eat-and-run accidents in advance. It is safe to say that most of the existing eat-and-run verification sites are sites for promoting the same affiliate, not for verification purposes. Eat-To-Pin conducts verification on all Toto sites regardless of new or existing sites, and transparently shares the verification results with members. The verification of the muk-tu-pin is carried out according to the following procedure.

1. For the verification monitoring of Eat-and-Down, the team collects a list of newly opened Toto sites and examples of eat-and-run of existing sites.

2. Based on the list and examples of the collected sites, members of the verification team use their own funds to directly perform all processes of registering, using, and exchanging the site.

3. The safety issues and inconveniences experienced by the verification team members are synthesized and shared transparently with the members.

Use a safe Toto site that has been verified by eat-and-dry.

We recommend only sites that can be authenticated through the deposit system and prevent the risk of being eaten by the existing Toto sites. Sites currently promoted by eat-and-run verification sites are also among the sites where eat-and-run accidents occur frequently. In order to solve these problems, the awareness and trust of our members is the most important thing. In order to support members’ safe use of the site, Muktupin certifies the safety of the site through the deposit system and thoroughly investigates the daily transaction volume and the number of inflow members, and recommends only reliable sites.

What are the criteria for selecting a safe Toto site?

In order to select a safe Toto site, Eat-To-Pin is selected based on five criteria.

First, we collect examples of eat-and-runs from the existing eat-and-run verification communities and check if there are any previously received eat-and-run cases.

The second is to check the financial strength of the site. It is difficult for general members to check the daily trading volume or financial power of the site until they use the site. The eat-and-run verification team uses the human network it has accumulated over the years to review the initial capital at the time the site was opened and the current transaction amount, etc.

Third, check the server location of the 메이저사이트 where it is running. To become a safe Toto site, security is of the utmost importance. In the case of Toto sites operating in Korea, there is a risk of leakage of member information at any time, which will soon lead to a financial accident. Therefore, in selecting a safe Toto site, we are reviewing sites with overseas servers first.

List of scam sites

Countless eat-and-run accidents occur every day. As a result of investigation by Eat-and-Pin, it was confirmed that there are more than 150 eat-and-run accidents from members every day. Considering the cases that have not been received, more and more eat-and-run accidents are likely to occur at this time as well.

Before we can prevent food-eating accidents in advance, we need to understand exactly what is happening on the Toto site.

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