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First Electric Bike with AI

first electric bike with ai
First Electric Bike with AI

Good news for all BIKE LOVERS because Revolt Intellicorp, (the company founded by co founder of Micromax Rahul Sharma) has launched first electric bike with AI (artificial intelligence) in INDIA.

So here on visualsolutionsonine I am going to introduce you with “the first electric bike in INDIA with AI”.

I will show you specifications, features , service and much more of this latest and first electric bike in INDIA with AI.

So let’s get started…


Revolt Intellicorp, (the company founded by co founder of Micromax Rahul Sharma) has launched first electric bike with AI (artificial intelligence) in INDIA.

The motorcycle will compete with the 150cc petrol-powered motorcycles such as the Yamaha FZ-S, Suzuki Gixxer 155.

It has created a huge revolution in Indian market because of multiple features in a single bike.

Most importantly the company will roll out the bike in Delhi initially.

Followed by the national capital region, Chennai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Nagpur and Ahmadabad in the next four months.“The RV400 is the first step towards providing sustainable, affordable mobility to every Indian home,”

With this insane idea, Mr. Sharma is eyeing a double digit market share of the over 21 million two-wheeler market in India.

Mr Sharma has started the venture with personal investment of about ₹500 crore.

Now let me introduce you with this unique and cool product…


  • Name : REVOLT RV 400
  • Manufacturing facility : Manesar, Haryana
  • Production capacity : 1.2 lakh vehicles per annum
  • Top Speed : 85 km/h with an incredible torque
  • Time to charge battery fully : 4 hours
  • Mileage : 156 km on single charge

Sounds Available

first electric bike sound
First Electric Bike Sound



First feature in our list is Geofencing.

In other words, you can understand it as a GPS technology which facilitates response or alerts when your device enters or leaves a particular area.

So you don’t need to worry about your electric bike to go out of your required region if you have given it to someone else or whatever may be the reason.

The bike will automatically turn off and inform you through its app.


Through this feature you can get a lot of specific information about your electric bike, where it was turned on or the exact location of your electric bike.

It is based on positions and coordinates and is often directly taken from a global positioning system (GPS).

No Key Required

You don’t need a key in order to start your electric bike.

Because the e-bike uses what the company calls “Start Electric”.

Therefore, it uses the smartphone app paired with Bluetooth to turn on the bike.

The bike does not come with a key at all.

So just push the stop/start button and GO!


This first electric bike with AI is lased with so many features as discussed above.

Therefore, its very difficult for someone to steal your electric bike.

Artificial Engine Sound

Almost all electric vehicles mostly operate silently, but Revolt feels that they should also make some sound to still provide that sensation of a machine.

Therefore, this first electric bike with AI has 4 preloaded engine noise options. So will be able to control the sound’s volume and also add more sounds as well.

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Fast Charging

This first electric bike can be plugged directly to a 15-ampere socket for a full charge.

Revolt claims that the battery will take 4 hours to charge to full capacity.

However, the battery is portable and will offer a networking battery swapping stations where one can go and change their flat batteries for a fully charged unit.

Swappable Battery

Revolt RV 400 has also come up with a swappable battery .

So you can easily order via the company’s cell phone application.

And it will be delivered to the desired location at a convenient time slot.

Also, the customers can identify the nearest battery swapping station via the company’s application.

Swapping the battery (power source) of the bike needs a claimed time of 60 seconds.

Store Documents Digitally

It’s extremely helpful feature if you ever forget your documents such as vehicle’s registration certificate, driving license, or vehicle insurance at home. 

With the Revolt Smartphone App, you can store these documents as digital copies.

Software Updates

Just like your smartphone or laptop uses an operating system, similarly, the motorcycle also uses an operating system.

As the Revolt RV400 will come enabled with 4G LTE, software updates can be downloaded and installed over the air without you having to take the vehicle for service.

Revolt’s Remote Transmission

The Smartphone app and the 4G eSIm with AI can allow the bike to collect data, analyse the data.

And understand the data to suggest measures to the customer. For instance;

System can allow a better ridder’s insurance premium to be lower compared to a ‘bad rider’.

The bike can measure and suggest ETA depending in traffic and weather data, and also offer self-diagnostic alerts – Rahul Sharma

Revolt’s Smartphone App Features

  1. Firstly this app is available on both Android and iOS
  2. Secondly, this app will tell you about the bike’s statistics such as available range, total riding hours and real-time diagnostics.
  3. Thirdly, it will give you a preview of the sounds as well
  4. And also guide you to the nearest swap station. Just scan a QR code at the station and you are ready to swap the battery.
  5. This app even allows you to order a new fully charged battery to your home at a date and time of your choosing.
  6. You can store documents like vehicle’s registration certificate, driving license, or vehicle insurance as digital copies.


Most importantly, you can pre-book this first electric bike with AI i.e. Revolt RV400 for a price of Rs 1000 from 25th June.

The bike will be available in major cities like

  • Delhi,
  • Pune,
  • Bangalore,
  • Hyderabad,
  • Nagpur,
  • Ahmadabad and
  • Chennai initially.

Therefore, in order to book your Revolt RV400, you can either head to or the company’s official website.



Currently, Revolt has only unveiled the bike and claims that less than 25% of the features have been announced.

However, the RV400 will be launched in specific regions next month when the final price will be revealed. 

Revolt’s Partners – First Electric Bike with AI

Rovolt has partnered up with companies like Airtel who provide the 4G eSIM in the bike.

Moreover with Razorpay, shadowfox, Google, Amazon, QSMotor and more.

Hope I was able to explain you all well. Enjoy this FREE service !!!

If any doubt or problem related to this post, feel free to contact us.

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Thank You !!

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