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Save your Relationship from Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) commonly known as impotence, is a common sexual problem among men. It can have devastating effects on both men and women. More than 50% of the male population of Australia go through it at some point in their lives. Researchers have found out that women and their partners- when faced with ED, either acknowledged that they had a problem, or they denied the existence of a problem. Understanding why ED occurs can help women ease concerns as well as confront the issue, something many men are hesitant to do. 

Some of the symptoms to be aware of

Difficulty maintaining an erection

The main symptoms include difficulty getting or maintaining an erection during intercourse which usually reduces the desire to partake in sexual activity. If the symptoms are persistent for a period of more than three months, one is likely to have erectile dysfunction. 

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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

It could be physical or psychological reasons

ED is caused by either physical, medical, or psychological reasons. It can be the result of stress, depression, or undiagnosed physical conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, or high cholesterol could also cause erectile dysfunction.

It is not a sexually related problem

What most people don’t know is that ED is not a sexually related problem. Researchers have observed that male patients tend to minimize or deny the role of psychological or relationship issues in their sexual difficulties. 

Knowing whether the root of sexual dysfunction is psychogenic, relational, or organic will help in understanding the solution to focus majorly on. This will help the couple discover whether to refer to a psychologist, a marriage counselor, or a sex therapist.

It could be an organic cause

Organic causes are the most common and are influenced by factors like vascular, neurons, or endocrines. Discussion with the main partner helps a physician to know precisely any relational and psychologic significance that may have been omitted by the patient.

The Effects of ED on the Relationship

There could be a lot of self-blame

Men can often feel quite frustrated about not being able to achieve an erection, and it can be very demasculinizing. The first thing a woman thinks when a man can’t get an erection is that it’s her fault, and nothing could be further from the truth. Cenforce 150 is best for getting an Erection.

Lack of proper education can be a problem

Experts say a lack of education about the causes of ED is frequently behind a woman’s self-blame, as well as her increasing anxiety, and sometimes, even feelings of hurt and anger when the problem occurs.

Will reduce sexual activity between partners

Erection difficulties will lead to the cessation of all sexual activity. This withdrawal of affection may lead to diminished sexual desire on the part of both partners and add to whatever distance or conflict already existed in the relationship. Fildena 100 makes your sexual relation more stronger day by day.

Female partner might not feel worthy

Female partners can worry that they’re not attractive enough or that their husband is having an affair and can’t get an erection because he is having sex elsewhere. A man suffering from ED will take that in the wrong way and may find it easier to pull back.

The couple can stop communicating altogether, and that can only make problems worse for both partners.

Dealing With ED between Partners

Opening the lines of communication is very important. 

Many couples are reluctant even to begin any kind of physical contact for fear of further disappointment. That, however, can lead to even more of a physical distance between the couple, which can eventually take its toll on the relationship.

Erection problems can be a complicated issue for couples to discuss – but talking openly can often be the best way of resolving stress and identifying underlying causes. Talking about what’s going on is a much better approach than pretending erectile problems aren’t happening or just avoiding sex without giving a reason.

Look into the context of the situation

Physicians must consider the context of a couple’s relationship in the development of a treatment plan. Some things to consider apart from the onset of ED is the events surrounding it, the frequency of attempted and successful intercourse, and the complete inventory of sexual partners.

Some Solutions to Look into

Make a lifestyle change

To reduce sexual dysfunction, one should start a few lifestyle changes. This could be eating better, stopping smoking, exercising more or reducing stress levels. Take Cenforce 100 for ED.

Try not withdraw from the problem

When in a relationship, the one thing a woman should never do is withdraw because that is a formula for relationship disaster. Trying harder isn’t the answer either. Drowning your mate in eroticism will make things worse as they will have a lot of pressure to put out. Neither will more vigorous attempts at making love.

Try and renew your intimacy

The physician can encourage the couple to begin renewing intimacy and sensuality in their relationship. Foreplay is essential to restoring satisfying sexual activity. Other ways that a patient with ED can include his partner include speaking positively and constructively about improving their sexual relationship. So, think about sex more broadly.

In Conclusion

The findings above demonstrate that ED has an impact on both the man and his partner. They also indicate the importance of including the man’s partner in the assessment and treatment of ED. A profound lack of discussion of the condition itself prevents a sizable proportion of affected men from receiving treatment.

If you put it in the context of a physical problem and not a sexual one, most men will be less likely to ‘shut down. The most important thing to remember it’s not the partner’s problem nor the cause.

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