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tips for healthy feet

We take our first steps on our feet, follow the bus, climb high peaks and go on endless shopping tours. Although our feet carry us through the world every day and we always expect top performance from them, we often do not give them the necessary attention. To change this, we have put together ten tips for healthy feet for you. Find out more about healthy foot exercises, the right shoes and the prevention of unpleasant corns and annoying athlete’s foot.

Exercises for healthy feet

After a hard day, you’ll feel much more comfortable if you do a few light exercises to relax your feet . After all, every day our entire weight rests on the soles of the feet, balls of the feet, etc. Foot gymnastics include, for example, slightly circular movements of the ankle and curling the toes. Exercises such as gripping and holding a towel with your toes or a pleasant foot massage with a tennis or massage ball also have an effect. Foot gymnastics takes little time and can be combined very well with a relaxed evening in front of the TV. This is how your feet stay healthy by themselves!

The right shoes

What use are the most beautiful shoes if healthy feet suffer from them in everyday life? If the toes are pinched, the nail can cut into the skin and lead to unpleasant injuries or even painful infections. If you wear the wrong shoes all the time, you also risk a misaligned toe. In the worst case, feet that are actually healthy can turn into hallux valgus, the misalignment of the big toe. This is precisely why fit and wearing comfort always have priority when buying shoes.

Prevention of calluses

Chronic pressure from shoes that are too tight creates calluses on the skin, which can lead to corns. This usually affects the toes, which simply do not have enough space in the selected shoe model. A foot that is actually healthy can quickly become a problem if you wear the wrong shoes. Corns are not only painful, but also do not look very aesthetic. In the event of a corn, swap peep toes and sandals for comfortable ballerina flats or sneakers in size H. The calloused skin can be carefully scraped off, corn plasters from the pharmacy can support this process in a beneficial way.

The washing

The simplest things are sometimes overlooked. Of course, daily washing is the basis for healthy feet ! You should not only wash the smooth surfaces, but also the toes and especially the spaces between the toes and then dry them well. Bacteria and athlete’s foot often settle here if there is a lack of care .

Cream your feet

After washing, the skin of the feet should look well-groomed again. A high-quality cream restores moisture to the skin and prevents unsightly cracks and calluses on the heels . Rich creams, which are made from olive oil , for example , ensure beautiful and healthy feet. Very dry skin can be sustainably cared for with creams that contain propolis or urea .

Don’t be afraid of the orthopedist!

If you suffer from malpositions, you should have an orthopedist make insoles for your shoes to prevent flat feet, fallen arches or splayfoot . Shoes that have a removable footbed become your very individual companions. They prevent unpleasant pressure points, offer far more comfort and ensure healthy feet that like to walk.

 Materials for socks and shoes

Do not only value comfortable women’s shoes , trendy men’s sneakers or chic pumps. In addition to buying shoes, socks are also an important factor for healthy feet. Therefore, make sure you wear breathable cotton socks that quickly absorb sweat from your feet. Together with a high-quality leather shoe, which ensures a healthy microclimate in the shoe, foot odor is prevented in the long term. Special foot deodorants can also prevent unpleasant sweaty feet.

Change shoes regularly

Change your shoes daily and give the material the time it needs to dry. Damp footwear is the basis for the unloved sweaty feet and athlete’s foot. Even if you love your comfortable shoes dearly, you should allow them a day off from time to time. This also extends the life of your shoes and you can enjoy them for longer.

The daily look at the feet

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget to devote ourselves to our faithful companions. In contrast to our face, which we pamper almost every day with expensive creams, tonics and peelings, we often neglect our feet. To keep your feet healthy and beautiful in the long term, treat yourself to a short inspection every day. Small injuries or cracks are recognized quickly. Nail discoloration, which may indicate a fungal disease, can also be treated early in this way.

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