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Top 5 Tips For Tourism Video Marketing

The tourism industry is one of the industries that have the best-taken advantage of different communication strategies and tactics and, therefore, is one of the sectors that are most open to innovation, creativity, and the generation of content campaigns that inform and provoke.

Tourism video marketing offers a number of advantages compared to other types of content, such as blogs, as video is viral in nature, more accessible, and is often perceived as more entertaining and practical for informing.

A video can make a difference when choosing a destination

Making a trip is usually a decision that requires a research process. People not only want to know what places of interest exist or what activities are available in a hotel, but they also want this experience to be much more comprehensive and allow them to “be there” before actually doing it.

In fact, many travelers feel more comfortable or convinced to make a reservation if they have previously seen some videos of the destination or the hotel facilities, for example.

These are some data obtained from Google’s The Travelers Road to Decision, a study that compiles different statistics on online shopping habits and decisions for the tourism sector:

  • 65% of leisure travelers and 69% of business travelers use the Internet to find information before taking a trip.
  • YouTube is the most used search engine to search for travel information, above traditional search engines and travel apps.
  • In the early stages, when the consumer is looking for “travel inspiration,” video is essential to choose between different destinations.
  • 63% of travelers use videos to learn about the activities or tourist sites available in a destination.
  • In addition, 52% of travelers look for travel tutorials with specific information such as how to use public transport when leaving the airport in a certain city or the etiquette rules of some cultures that you should consider before visiting their city.
  • 61% of business travelers watch videos from travel influencers, and 64% are willing to watch similar content made by hotels, airlines, tour companies, etc.
  • In addition, 55% of leisure travelers watch videos made by influencers, and 53% would watch videos made for commercial purposes.

5 tips in your tourism video marketing strategy

1. Make different types of videos for different purposes

It is important to consider a comprehensive tourism video marketing strategy that includes making a variety of travel videos that cover a series of specific topics. Through the videos, you can provoke, excite, inform or entertain, so it is essential to seek to cover different objectives.

Also, think about the different stages that a traveler goes through to choose these objectives. Are you looking for inspiration and deciding on a destination, or are you already comparing the different qualities of some services?

2. Meets the information expectations of travelers and destinations

Each destination has very particular information, such as knowing the transportation routes and some migration requirements, such as presenting a visa or having certain vaccinations before entering.

Establishing these topics will help you identify possible themes and types of videos. Remember that the more enriched and useful the information you show in your videos, the more trust the audience places in you.

3. Be creative and entertaining

Video “travel guides” are a practical but fairly common resource, so you have to make sure that if you are going to make videos of this type, they must be bold, authentic, and also really useful.

If you want to show the facilities of a hotel or the activities and tourist services of a destination, go further, and make the experience emotional and experiential. It is not just about “showing the room.” You have to make them feel that they are already one of your guests.

4. Integrate other channels into your tourism video marketing strategy

Consider establishing a schedule for the production and distribution of videos and targets through different channels such as your website, social networks, blog posting services, links with influencers, and even, if possible, other channels such as television or tourist fairs and events.

In Social Networks, YouTube is the main video distribution platform, but there are others such as Vimeo or Facebook itself. Also, it must be taken into account that each network has different formats or durations, such as Snapchat or Instagram stories, which are short videos in vertical format.

5. It’s all about telling a story

When we talk about storytelling, we mean that each video must tell a story. If an image says more than a thousand words, imagine all the potential of the moving image accompanied by sound, text, or other resources.

In addition, this allows you to humanize your brand and makes people relate to something real, and that can represent them. This creates a unique experience bond between a brand and a traveler.

In tourism video marketing strategies, everything is about creativity and understanding the needs of people, as well as a mechanism tactic that greatly boosts visibility.

Nowadays, producing a video is much more accessible, and specifically, tourism video marketing has become a basic resource to innovate in the sector, marketing, and the way in which it connects with one of the most profitable audiences globally. Would you like to know more? Head over to our blog and discover even more video strategies.

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